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Palgrave Macmillan

Options for Swing Trading

Leverage and Low Risk to Maximize Short-Term Trading

ISBN 9781137282569
Publication Date September 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Options traders know all about leverage, and swing traders are keenly aware of entry and exit timing as the key to profits. But many risks are involved, especially when selling short. This book shows the experienced trader at an intermediate or advanced level how to combine these two trading skills into a single, powerful set of strategies to maximize leverage while minimizing risk. This book uses actual stock and option examples and charts to demonstrate how the strategies are applied in the market. The well-known swing trader "set-up" and reversal signals are made even more effective with the use of candlestick chart reversal indicators, which are explained as part of the swing trading strategy. This is one of the best strategic technical trading ideas today because high volatility is a benefit to swing trading, while options minimize risk exposure.

Michael Thomsett has written over 70 books on topics of options, trading, investing, real estate, and business management. He has also written two history books, The German Opposition to Hitler and The Inquisition, four specialized dictionaries, and five books of quotations on specialized topics. Thomsett's six best-selling books have sold over one million copies in total. These include Getting Started in Options, The Mathematics of Investing, Getting Started in Real Estate Investing (John Wiley and Sons), Builders Guide to Accounting (Craftsman), and more. He's currently teaching at NYIF.

Introduction: Problems of Risk in Most Trading Systems
1. Options: Trading Basics
2. Swing Trading: The Basics
3. Dangerous Waters: Risk Inherent in Comprehensive Swing-Based Strategies
4. Marginal Potential: Leverage Limitations in Swing Trading with Stock
5. Elegant Solutions: Options to Address the Risk and Leverage Issues
6. In and Out: Entry and Exit Criteria for Swing Trading
7. Powerful Timing Tools: Expanding Swing Signals with Candlestick Reversals
8. Flexing Your Muscle: The Power of Options Close to Expiration
9. Swings Maximized: Timing the Swing with Ex-dividend Date
10. Strategy # 1: Long Option Approach, a Basic Solution
11. Strategy # 2: Long/Short Call Strategy, Uncovered Short Side
12. Strategy # 3: Long/Short Call Strategy, Covered Short Side
13. Strategy # 4: Long/Short Call Strategy, Ratio Writing on the Short Side
14. Strategy # 5: Long/Short Put Strategy
15. Strategy # 6: Short Option Strategy
16. Strategy # 7: Synthetic Option Positions Strategy
17. Strategy # 8: Multiple Contracts and Weighting with Ratio Calendar Spreads
18. Strategy # 9: Expanded Iron Butterfly Swing Trading
Epilogue - The Big Picture: Swing Trading and Your Portfolio
End Notes


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