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Palgrave Macmillan

Promoting Microfinance

Challenges and Innovations in Developing Countries and Countries in Transition

ISBN 9781137034908
Publication Date November 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Promoting Microfinance: Challenge and Innovations in Developing Countries and Countries in Transition brings together essays and empirical work by leading researchers and practitioners in the field of microfinance. The book covers key issues currently facing the microfinance industry. These include the following topics: challenges and innovations in microfinance policies, design and regulation; the role of microfinance institutions and apex organizations in natural disaster mitigation; achieving the balance between public support and external aid in helping the microfinance industry dealing with natural or man-made hazards affecting both them and their clients; and performance and impact assessment of microfinance institutions. In addition, the book provides an overview of the microfinance industry in selected countries/regions and provides lessons learned from cases spanning countries in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Together, the collection of essays and studies presented in this volume highlight the challenges faced by the microfinance industry and its future direction.

RONNY MANOS received her Ph.D. from Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK and is currently a lecturer in Finance. She has published articles in refereed journals and chapters in books in the areas of corporate finance, microfinance and market microstructure. She also co-edited a special issue on microfinance and banking services in Emerging Economies for the International Journal of Financial Services Management. Manos' current research is broadly focused on the effect of corporate social action on financial performance. She is affiliated with the School of Management, Cranfield University, UK, and with the School of Business Administration, the College of Management Academic Studies, Israel.
JEAN-PIERRE GUEYIE is an Associate Professor in the School of Business Administration, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada. He received a Ph.D. degree from Laval University, (Quebec, Canada). His research interests are in financial institutions management, financial risk management, corporate governance and development economics. Doctor Gueyie has published numerous papers in referred scientific journals, and has served as Consultant in microfinance for the International Research and Development Centre (IRDC) and for the World Bank.
JACOB YARON is the author of many articles on the issues of development finance, rural and agricultural finance and microfinance. He has provided advice on related matters to the World Bank, the Inter American Development Bank, FAO, GTZ, USAID, DFID and other development agencies. He has developed two primary performance assessment criteria of outreach and financial sustainability for development finance institutions. Financial sustainability is assessed by applying the Subsidy Dependence Index (SDI) which measures the level of independence from subsidy of financial institutions that benefit from public support. Presently he is affiliated with the School of Business Administration, The College of Management Academic Studies, Israel.

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Challenges and Innovations in Promoting Microfinance; R.Manos, J-P.Gueyie & J.Yaron
The Microfinance Industry in Peru and in México: Why have they Followed Different Paths?; P.Cotler & G.Aguilar
A Push towards Revitalizing Rural Financial Institutions: Lessons from Mexico's PATMIR Project; J.Paxton
Regulation and Performance of Ghana's Multi-Tiered Rural and Microfinance Industry; W.F.Steel
The Implications of a Growing Microfinance Market in Latin America and the Caribbean; A.Pantelić
Micro-Credit Access and Household Welfare in Rural Cameroon; F.M.Baye
Cost Function Approach to MFI Efficiency: The Role of Subsidy and Social Output Measures; V.Hartarska, D.Nadolnyak & X.Shen
Social and Finance Performance of Microfinance Institutions: A Multi-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis Application; J.Nzongang & E.Nishimikijimana
Designing Apex Organisations in Conflict-Affected Environments: An Analysis of Recent Experiences in Bosnia & Herzegovina and in Afghanistan; S.Charitonenko & D.Lampe
Are Microfinance Institutions and their Customers Reactive to Disaster Risk? Main Topics and four Case Studies; L.Viganò, D.Castellani & S.Chiodi

GIOVANNA AGUILAR Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
FRANCIS MENJO BAYE Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Yaoundé II, Cameroon
DAVIDE CASTELLANI Department of Economics and Business Administration, University of Bergamo, Italy
STEPHANIE CHARITONENKO Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA)
SIMONETTA CHIODI University of Bergamo, Italy
PABLO COTLER Departamento de Economia, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico
VALENTINA HARTARSKA Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Auburn University, USA
DALE LAMPE Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA)
DENIS NADOLNYAK Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Auburn University, USA
ELOGE NISHIMIKIJIMANA African Reinsurance Corporation (Africa-Re) in Lagos, Nigeria
JOSEPH NZONGANG Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Dschang, Cameroon
ANA PANTELIC Fundación Capital
JULIA PAXTON Ohio State University, USA
WILLIAM F. STEEL Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, University of Ghana, Ghana
LAURA VIGANO University of Bergamo, Italy
SHEN XUAN Auburn University, USA


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