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Palgrave Macmillan

Punishment in Europe

A Critical Anatomy of Penal Systems

ISBN 9781137028204
Publication Date August 2013
Formats Hardcover Paperback Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology

This collection brings together leading international scholars and practitioners to provide a critical guide to penal systems across Europe. Each chapter forms a case study outlining the main contours of each national penal system, identifying and interpreting the combination of forces driving penal practice in that country.

Through its exploration of twelve different Western and Eastern European countries, this collection identifies the national particularities, but also the commonalities and cross talk between penal systems, such as the overuse of imprisonment and the harsher sanctions against the poor when breaking the law. The book challenges this bias with a call for a more critical, public criminology, raising fundamental questions about how we justify and deliver punishment in Europe.

Includes contributions from Iñaki Rivera Beiras, Emma Bell, Miranda Boone, Bernd Dollinger, Patrizio Gonnella, Philip Gounev, Hanns von Hofer, Vassilis Karydis, Nikolaos K. Koulouris, Andrea Kretschmann, Mónica Aranda Ocaña, Laura Piacentini, Monika Płatek, Philippe Robert, Mary Rogan, René van Swaaningen and Enrik Tham.

Vincenzo Ruggiero is Professor of Sociology at Middlesex University, London, UK. His work is available in several languages, and his books (single-authored and edited) include Western European Penal Systems (1995), The New European Criminology (1998), Crime and Markets (2000), Social Movements: A Reader (2008), Penal Abolitionism (2010), Corruption and Organised Crime in Europe (2012) and The Crimes of the Economy (2013).

Mick Ryan is Professor Emeritus, Department of Law and Criminology at the University of Greenwich, London. He has been actively involved in the criminal justice lobby for many years. In the 1970s he was a member of the governing Nucleus of Radical Alternatives to Prison, and later became the chair of INQUEST which monitors deaths in state custody. His books include The Acceptable Pressure Group: A Case Study of the Howard League and Radical Alternatives to Prison (1978) and Privatisation and the Penal System: The American Experience and the Debate in Britain (with Tony Ward, 1989). He has published two collections; Western European Penal Systems (1995) and Policy Networks in Criminal Justice (2001) and his last book was Penal Policy and Political Culture in England and Wales (2003).

Preface; Vincenzo Ruggiero and Mick Ryan
1. Introduction; Mick Ryan
2. Regression to the Mean: Punishment in the Netherlands; Miranda Boone and René van Swaaningen
3. Punishment in Sweden; Enrik Tham and Hanns von Hofer
4. Punishment as politics: the Penal System in England and Wales; Emma Bell
5. The Irish Penal System: Pragmatism, Neglect and the Effects of Austerity; Mary Rogan
6. The French Criminal Justice System; Philippe Robert
7. Contradictions in German Penal Practices: the Long Goodbye from the Rehabilitation Principle; Bernd Dollinger and Andrea Kretschmann
8. The Russian Penal System; Laura Piacentini
9. Poland: the Political Legacy and Penal Practice; Monika Płatek
10. Soft and Harsh Penalties in Bulgaria; Philip Gounev
11. Italy: Between Amnesties and Emergencies; Patrizio Gonnella)
12. The Spanish Penal and Penitentiary System: from the Re-socialising Objective to the Internal Governance of Prisons; Mónica Aranda Ocaña and Iñaki Rivera Beiras
13. Greece: Prisons are Bad but Necessary (and Expanding), Policies are Necessary but Bad (and Declining); Vassilis Karydis and Nikolaos K. Koulouris
14. Conclusion; Vincenzo Ruggiero

Iñaki Rivera Beiras, University of Barcelona, Spain
Emma Bell, Université de Savoie in Chambéry, France
Miranda Boone, Utrecht Willem Pompe Institute of Criminology and Criminal Law, The Netherlands
Bernd Dollinger, University of Siegen, Germany
Patrizio Gonnella, President of Antigone, an Italian NGO
Philip Gounev, Centre for the Study of Democracy in Sofia, Bulgaria
Hanns von Hofer, Stockholm University, Sweden
Vassilis Karydis, University of Peloponnese, Greece
Nikolaos K. Koulouris, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
Andrea Kretschmann, Bielefeld University, Germany
Mónica Aranda Ocaña, University of Barcelona, Spain
Laura Piacentini, University of Strathclyde, UK
Monika Platek, Warsaw University, Poland
Philippe Robert, CNRS
Mary Rogan, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Henrik Tham, Stockholm University, Sweden
Rene van Swanningen, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


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