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Palgrave Macmillan

Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Contemporary Debates

ISBN 9781137374622
Publication Date February 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Issues in Higher Education

Over the past two decades, 'quality' in Higher Education has become a central feature in Higher Education strategy, both at the European and at the nation-state levels of policy-making. This book weighs up the possible consequences of introducing Quality Enhancement and Risk Management as new dimensions to quality control in Higher Education, examining broad trends at the cross-national and continental/regional level and also considers the views taken at the institutional level, among academic staff, students and QA agencies.

The volume includes contributions from Chief Executive Officers of Quality Agencies in the US, Chile and Europe, together with policy analysts currently engaged in shaping up the 'new instrumentality' in inter-governmental (OECD) and European (HEQA) organisations as well as academic contributions from well-established and leading scholars in the fields of Quality Evaluation and Comparative Higher Education policy analysis.

Maria João Rosa is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering at the University of Aveiro, Portugal and a Researcher at the Centre for Research on Higher Education Policies.

Alberto Amaral is Professor at the University of Porto, Portugal and President of the Administration Council of the Portuguese Assessment and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education.

1. Introduction; Maria João Rosa and Alberto Amaral

2. Where are Quality Frontiers Moving to?; Alberto Amaral

3. Quality Enhancement: a New Step in a Risky Business? A Few Adumbrations on its Prospect for Higher Education in Europe; Guy Neave

4. Transparency about Multi-Dimensional Activities and Performance. What can U-Map and U-Multirank Contribute?; Don F. Westerheijden

5. Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO): an OECD Feasibility Study; Diana Dias and Alberto Amaral

6. Risk, Trust and Accountability; Colin Raban

7. Risk Management: Implementation; Anthony McClaran

8. Quality Enhancement: an Overview of Lessons from the Scottish Experience; Murray Saunders

9. European Trends in Quality Assurance: New Agendas Beyond the Search for Convergence?; Bjørn Stensaker

10. Recent Trends in US Accreditation; Judith S. Eaton

11. Quality Assurance in Latin America; Maria José Lemaitre

12. The Academic Constituency; Maria João Rosa

13. Students' Views on the Recent Developments in Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Europe; Lylilya Ivanova

14. Recent Trends in Quality Assurance? Observations from the Agencies' Perspective; Achim Hopbach

15. The Swiftly Moving Frontiers of Quality Assurance; Alberto Amaral and Maria João Rosa

Diana Dias, Universidade Europeia, Portugal

Judith S. Eaton, Council for Higher Education Accreditation, USA

Achim Hopbach, University of Tübingen, Germany

Lilya Ivanova, University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria

María José Lemaitre, Development University Centre, Chile

Anthony McClaran, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, UK

Guy Neave, Centre for Research on Higher Education Policies, Portugal

Colin Raban, University of Derby, UK

Murray Saunders, University of Lancaster, UK

Bjørn Stensaker, University of Oslo, Norway

Don F. Westerheijden, University of Twente, Netherlands


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