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Palgrave Macmillan

Radical Chicana Poetics

ISBN 9781137343574
Publication Date August 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Literatures of the Americas

In This Bridge Called My Back, Gloria Anzaldúa wrote: "A woman who writes has power. A woman who writes is feared." In the eyes of the world this makes us dangerous beasts.' Her statement marked a moment of collective self-recognition. Radical Chicana Poetics considers this moment as a point of entry into Chicana writings. Offering a transdisciplinary analysis of works by Gloria Anzaldúa, Cherríe Moraga, Ana Castillo, Emma Pérez, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, and Sandra Cisneros, this book explores how radical Chicanas deal with tensions that arise from their focus on the body, desire, and writing. Devling into the subtle differences between the poets, Ricardo F. Vivancos Pérez sheds new light on contemporary cultural production and feminist activism.

Ricardo F. Vivancos Pérez is an Associate Professor at George Mason University, USA. He specializes in Latina/o and Latin American studies, Exile studies, and Feminist theories.

Disclaimer, Captatio Malevolentiae, or Are Nos/otros Ready to Move On?
A Note About Language and Terminology
Introduction: Fearing the "Dangerous Beasts:" Radical Chicana Poetics
Juncture * Polycentricity
1. Gloria Anzaldúa's Poetics: The Process of Writing Borderlands
2. Cherríe Moraga's 'Theory in the Flesh' and the Chicana Subject
Juncture ** Collective Creativity
Juncture *** Nepantlism
3. The Nomadic Chicana Writer in Ana Castillo and Emma Pérez
Juncture **** Antiacademicism
4. Alicia Gaspar de Alba's Sor Juana as Symbolic Foremother
PART III. Global Interventions
Juncture ***** 'Compostura'
5. Weaving Texts and Selves in Sandra Cisneros's Caramelo
Juncture ****** Transdisciplinarity
6. The Juárez Murders, Chicana Poetics and Human Rights Discourse
Epilogue: The Coyolxauhqui Imperative and the Critic


"Vivancos Pérez's book, Radical Chicana Poetics, is a superb theoretical analysis of the works of several Mexican American women authors including such luminaries as G. Anzaldúa, C. Moraga, A. Castillo, E. Pérez, A. Gaspar de Alba, and S. Cisneros. Vivancos Pérez brilliantly explores how these writers posit through their splendidly written creative work new subjectivities and sexualities as well as challenge, subvert, and deconstruct older conceptualizations of Chicanas written in the early years of the Chicano Movement. Vivancos Pérez offers new and exciting perspectives on these writers and the reader will be greatly rewarded from the splendid insights articulated in the book." - María Herrera-Sobek, Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Academic Policy, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
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