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Palgrave Macmillan

Revisiting The Tempest

The Capacity to Signify

ISBN 9781137333131
Publication Date February 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Palgrave Shakespeare Studies

In critical history, Shakespeare's The Tempest has been interpreted as a reticent play, a fascinating and yet mysterious blend of magic and verisimilitude, narrative and drama, spectacle and meditation on death. The Tempest seems to raise fundamental issues without ever exhausting them, it captures and appropriates existing motifs and modes, and allows for later appropriations and re-mediations. Is its signifying potential still alive in the third millennium? Does it still speak to us? Revisiting The Tempest aims to explore that potential and examine the play's more 'intractable material' as a fertile source of significance.

The essays that make up this collection range from investigations of the play's position within the European early modern dramatic heritage to its 'domestic' re-writings and/or adaptations in diverse theatrical contexts and media, while also interrogating the play's own resistance to interpretation. Rather than providing new meanings, Revisiting The Tempest explores how this drama makes meaning and reanimates it through time.

Silvia Bigliazzi is Professor of English Literature at Verona University, Italy. She has written extensively on early modern literary culture with special attention to William Shakespeare and John Donne, literature and the visual arts in early twentieth century, textual performance and translation for the theatre. Her recent editions and translations into Italian include John Donne's major poems (with Alessandro Serpieri, 2009) and Romeo and Juliet (2012).

Lisanna Calvi is Lecturer of English Literature at Verona University, Italy. Her main research interests focus on Restoration and early modern drama and literary culture. She wrote a book on Restoration tragedy (2005) and on James II's devotional writings (2009). In 2012, she edited and translated into Italian two early modern female autobiographies.

Notes on the Contributors
Introduction; Silvia Bigliazzi and Lisanna Calvi
1. The Tempest as Theatrical Magic; Andrew Gurr
2. The Tempest and Italian Improvised Theatre; Richard Andrews
3. Pastoral Tragicomedy and The Tempest; Robert Henke
4. The Jonsonian Tempest; Roger Holdsworth
5. The Labyrinth and the Oracle; Alessandro Serpieri
6. 'Dost thou hear?' On the Rhetoric of Narrative in The Tempest; Silvia Bigliazzi
7. A Tempestuous Noise: on the Acoustics and Vocalics of Storms; Keir Elam
8. 'Suppos'd to be raised by magic', or The Tempest 'made fit'; Lisanna Calvi
9. 'Lost in Visual Pleasure': Charles Kean's Production of The Tempest; Lucia Nigri
10. Magical Realism: Raising Storms and Other Quaint Devices; Peter Holland
11. 'This is a most majestic vision': Performing Prospero's Masque on Screen; Eleonora Oggiano
12. Shakespeare's Hypertextual Performances: Remediating The Tempest in Prospero's Books; Alessandra Squeo
13. 'Abstraction and Allegory': Making The Tempest Mean; Kathleen E. McLuskie
Afterword Is there a Tempest Problem?; Ewan Fernie

Richard Andrews, University of Leeds, UK
Silvia Bigliazzi, Verona University, Italy
Lisanna Calvi, Verona University, Italy
Keir Elam, University of Bologna, Italy
Ewan Fernie, University of Birmingham, UK
Andrew Gurr, University of Reading, UK
Robert Henke, University of Manchester, UK
Roger Holdsworth, University of Manchester, UK
Peter Holland, University of Notre Dame, USA
Kathleen McLuskie, University of Birmingham, UK
Lucia Nigri, University of Salford, UK
Eleonora Oggiano, Verona University, Italy
Alessandro Serpieri, University of Firenze, Italy
Alessandra Squeo, University of Bari, Italy


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