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Palgrave Macmillan

Strategy in NATO

Preparing for an Imperfect World

ISBN 9781137382047
Publication Date April 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Governance, Security and Development

This edited volume addresses the challenges and opportunities facing NATO post-2014, applying an original approach to strategy that produces fresh insights into this hot topic within the international security community. We combine the definitions of the key strategic variables time, position, legitimacy, implementation structure and capabilities in the international relations literature on strategy with the differentiation of strategic processes into the categories of grand, security and theatre strategy in the strategic studies literature. We address NATO's internal dynamics and the role of significant members and partners, and how these influence NATO's conflict management. The volume appeals to academics and practitioners in the military and academia focusing on strategy and NATO. The edited volume demonstrates the usefulness of the concept of strategy for identifying challenges and opportunities in NATOs strategy formulation and implementation and how these can be used for the purpose of more efficient and accurate planning.

Liselotte Odgaard is an associate professor at the Royal Danish Defence College. Her most recent published monograph is China and Coexistence: Beijings National Security Strategy for the 21st Century, Woodrow Wilson Center Press/Johns Hopkins University Press, May 2012. Liselotte Odgaard has been selected as a contributor to the 2014 Nobel Symposium.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction; Villiam Krüger-Klausen and Liselotte Odgaard 
2. Preparing for an Imperfect World: Strategy in Conflict Management Environments; Villiam Krüger-Klausen and Liselotte Odgaard
3. NATO's Future Strategy: Ready for the Threats of the Future or Refighting the Battles of the Past?; Jamie Shea
4. U.S. National Security Strategy and NATO; Robert H. Dorff
5. The Indispensable Enabler: NATO's Strategic Value in High Intensity Operations Is Far Greater than You Think; Peter Viggo Jakobsen 
6. NATO and EU – A 'Strategic Partnership' or a Practice of 'Muddling Through'?; Trine Flockhart
7. NATO and Libya: The Dawn of European Security Management, a Warning, or Business as Usual?; Mark Laity
8. International Law and the Role of Legitimacy; Heidi Güntelberg
9. When Strategy Ends; David Vestenskov and Lars Wille-Jørgensen
10. Time and the Question of Unintended Influences on Military Strategy; Thomas Galasz Nielsen
11. Strategizing NATOs Narratives; Thomas Elkjer Nissen
12. Effect-Based Thinking in NATO, Utilizing All Instruments of Power During Planning for and Conduct of Operations; Hans Henrik Møller


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