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The European Union's Normative Power in Central Asia

Promoting Values and Defending Interests

ISBN 9781137443939
Publication Date August 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Pivot

After several decades of European integration, the EU's foreign policy has become global spanning Russia, China, North and South America, Africa and the South Caucasus. But what about Central Asia? What can a region of some sixty five million people offer to the EU? Since the late 2000s, Central Asia has been a magnet for foreign powers looking for oil, gas, gold or military bases. The EU has also been trying to find its place in this remote region. While others like Russia and China rely on the power of the sword, the EU has relied instead on the power of its norms and values. This unique study asks: Is the EU's normative power effective? Has it brought so far any positive change? It argues that if it is indeed effective, then we should see the adoption of EU-favoured norms and values in the region.

Combining analysis of hard and soft power and EU policies in a number of thematic areas including public diplomacy, trade, security and democracy, Voloshin's study provides a revealing insight into the effects of EU power on Central Asia.

Georgiy Voloshin is a widely-published international affairs analyst and has worked as a political risk consultant for public and private organisations. His first book on the geopolitics of Central Asia was published in Paris in 2012.


1. A Time to Gather Stones Together: The EU's Normative Engagement with Central Asia 1991-2007

2. The EU's 2007 Strategy for Central Asia: Promoting Values and Defending Interests



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