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Palgrave Macmillan

The Films of Stephen King

From Carrie to Secret Window

ISBN 9780230263604
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Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Over seventy-five films have been made based either on Stephen King narratives or screen/teleplay scripts that King himself authored, yet this body of work has received very little scholarly attention. The Films of Stephen King is the first collection of essays assembled on the cinematic adaptations of Stephen King. Written by cinema, television, and cultural studies scholars, this work examines the most important films from the King canon, from Carrie to The Shining to The Shawshank Redemption.  Contributors focus on the most intriguing aspects of these movies - race, gender, and technology - and draw conclusions on their socio-political relevance. 

With updated material on 1408The Mist, and more!

Tony Magistrale is Professor and Associate Chair of the English Department at the University of Vermont, USA.  He has published twenty books and is widely considered one of America's foremost scholars of horror film, gothic fiction, and the work of Stephen King.

The Queen Bee, The Prom Queen, and the Girl Next Door: Teen Hierarchies in Carrie; A.M.Kelly

Apt Pupil: The Making of a 'Bogey Boy'; D.Mahoney

Maybe It Shouldn't Be a Party: Kids, Keds, and Death in Stephen King's Stand By Me and Pet Sematary; J.Weinstock

Father Figure: Suffering and Salvation in Hearts in Atlantis; G.Hoppenstand

The Lonesome Autoerotic Death of Arnie Cunningham in John Carpenter's Christine; P.Simpson

Tonka Terrors: The Humor and Horror of Trucks and Maximum Overdrive; M.A.Arnzen

The Long Dream of Hopeless Sorrow: The Failure of the Communist Myth in Kubrick's The Shining; M.J.Blouin

The Prisoner, the Pen, and the Number One Fan: Misery as a Prison Film; M.Findley

Redemption Through the Feminine in The Shawshank Redemption; or, Why Rita Hayworth's Name Belongs in the Title; T.Magistrale

Christian Martyr or Grateful Slave?: The Magical Negro as Uncle Tom in Frank Darabont's The Green Mile; B.Kent

The Maestro: Race in the Films of Stephen King; S.Neilson

Reaganomics, Cocaine, and Race: David Cronenberg's Off-Kilter America and The Dead Zone; S.E.Turner

The Feminist King: Dolores Claiborne; C.Dolan

Only Theoretical: Postmodern Ambiguity in Needful Things and Storm of the Century; M.Pharr

Rose Red and Stephen King's Hybrid House of Horrors; D.Perry & C.Sederholm

Gardening for a New Generation of Horror in Secret Window; B.Szumskyj



EndorsementsPraise for Magistrale's Hollywood's Stephen King:'A great read, insightful and intelligent…Tony has helped me improve my reputation from an ink-stained wretch popular novelist to an ink-stained wretch popular novelist with occasional flashes of muddy insight.' - Stephen King 'This book is a useful elucidation of King's work through the skewed lens of Hollywood.' - Publishers Weekly Review 'Magistrale digs deeper than mere plots, excavating compelling and disturbing themes in the gothic oeuvre of the master storyteller; he deserves accolades for bricking a foundational context for interpreting the enduring visions of King.' - Choice
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