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Palgrave Macmillan

The Globalization of Chinese Propaganda

International Power and Domestic Political Cohesion

ISBN 9781137382146
Publication Date May 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Asia Today

As China becomes more deeply engaged with the outside world its propaganda authorities confront a dilemma: how can they maintain domestic ideological cohesion in the face of an influx of foreign information and ideas while also convincing skeptical international audiences that China's rise is a good news story? This book examines the Chinese propaganda system in the era of globalization, exploring connections between the Chinese Communist Party's desire for domestic political control and its vision for the development of China's international power. Investigating areas such as Chinese attitudes to soft power, the recent international expansion of the Chinese media, and the authorities' reaction to public opinion crises at home and abroad, Edney shows that in order to understand Chinese attempts to influence international views it is necessary to examine the power of propaganda in China's domestic political system.

Kingsley Edney is Lecturer in Politics and International Relations of China in the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds, UK. His work has been previously published in The Pacific Review, Journal of Contemporary China, Australian Journal of International Affairs, and Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.

Table of Contents
Analytical Approach
Outline of Chapters
1. Propaganda, Power, and Cohesion in Chinese Politics
2. The Concept of Propaganda in China
3. The Domestic Propaganda System and China's International Propaganda
4. Propaganda and Power
5. Propaganda and the Party-state's Search for Cohesion 
6. Propaganda in Chinese Domestic Politics
7. Propaganda Institutions in the Chinese Political System
8. Exercising Power through Propaganda Practices
9. The Traditional Media
10. The Internet
11. Civil Society and Education
12. Domestic Cohesion and Key Themes in Party-state Discourse
13. China's Foreign Propaganda Practices
14. Foreign Propaganda Practices as a Component of Chinese Foreign Policy
15. Organization of Foreign Propaganda Practices
16. Exercising Power through Foreign Propaganda Practices
17. International Media
18. Public Diplomacy
19. Individuals and Organizations
20. Cohesion and Official Discourse in Foreign Propaganda Practices
21. Conceptual Interaction: Soft Power and Cultural Cohesion
22. The Concept of Soft Power
23. Soft Power's Emergence in China
24. The Concept of Soft Power in China
25. Propaganda, Cohesion, and Soft Power 
26. Strategic Interaction: Global Times and the Main Melody3
27. News Media Propaganda Strategy
28. Huanqiu Shibao and Domestic Propaganda Strategy
29. Upholding the Main Melody in Huanqiu Shibao
30. Global Times and International Propaganda Strategy
31. The Chinese Perspective in Global Times
32. Tactical Interaction: Public Opinion Crises and the Official Truth
33. Public Opinion and Sudden Incidents in China
34. Domestic Crises
35. Domestic Responses
36. International Crises
37. International Responses
38. Ethnic Tensions and Transnational Crises
39. Distinguishing Truth from Lies at Home and Abroad


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