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Palgrave Macmillan

The Influence Agenda

A Systematic Approach to Aligning Stakeholders in Times of Change

ISBN 9781137355843
Publication Date May 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Organizations need to be able to change and adapt in order to stay competitive, but this cannot be achieved without the support of stakeholders. Written by an experienced project manager and expert trainer, The Influence Agenda sets out a highly practical and systematic framework for engaging, influencing and enlisting the support of key stakeholders. Featuring easy-to-use stakeholder management templates, 'here's how' checklists, and 'advice from the professionals', this book sets out a way to understand who you need to influence, what tactics will work the best, and how to plan and execute your strategy. It includes powerful tools and processes that incorporate the psychology of influence, and grounds them in experience of managing projects and change.

Mike Clayton is a best-selling author and trainer, and a regular speaker about personal effectiveness, project management and effective communication. After a PhD and a spell in academic research, Mike spent the first part of his professional career managing projects and integrating complex change for clients working at international consulting firm Deloitte. During that time he learned that success is largely down to four things: intelligent persistence, following a sound process, a well-selected set of tools and techniques, and the support of your stakeholders. Mike has spent much of the last twenty years developing and honing his tools for engaging and influencing people.

He spent a large amount of the second part of his career training people in just this, alongside other management, leadership, and personal effectiveness topics. Between 2002 and 2008, he founded two training businesses and continues to provide tailored training for selected clients. Nothing teaches the importance of The Influence Agenda like building and running a business.

Now in the third stage of his professional career, Mike spends most of his time writing, and speaking at seminars and conferences. Now a best-selling author, The Influence Agenda is Mike's twelfth book to be published. He lives in Hampshire, England, with his wife and daughter. Mike's website is www.mikeclayton.co.uk

1. The Process is Trivial: The Implementation is Not
2. Who are your Stakeholders?
3. More than Just Power: Analysing your Stakeholders
4. What are you Doing? Crafting your Message
5. Gentle Persuasion: Soft Power
6. Hidden Persuasion: Behavioural Economics
7. A Dozen Reasons why you're Wrong: Handling Resistance
8. Your Influence Agenda: Campaign Planning
9. Making it Work: Campaign Management
10. Closing Words


'If engaging with stakeholders has baffled you, this is book to explain all aspects of the subject. The book is the most comprehensive treatment of the subject, leading the reader through the simple principles to complete set of tools and checklists that teach you how to identify, develop strategies, and genuinely engage with Stakeholders. As a Managing Director running a business dedicated to Project Management, I am frequently asked for my recommendations on Stakeholder Management - this will be the book I recommend from today. Whilst the book will be invaluable to those running projects and programmes it is equally relevant to business managers who need to understand the importance of influencing others on corporate change initiatives.'-Stuart Crowther, Managing Director, Specific People
'Relationships are the source of good results. This is my guiding principle following years of coaching and consulting leaders in global organisations in their personal quest to drive successful transformational change. Mike Clayton's latest book The Influence Agenda offers refreshingly practical guidance to all managers whose responsibility it is to engage the plethora of internal and external stakeholders towards a common agenda. The toolbox of practical tools in this latest book provides the so-often-sought-after guidance that organisations struggle to provide to their leaders. Definitely a book that needs to be on every manager's bookshelf.' -Paula Hutchings, Director, Leornian Consulting; Executive Coach, Accredited by Ashridge Business School
"Practical, demanding and easy to apply in the ever changing realities we face in business. Mike's book is already the 'go to' and definitive work on stakeholder engagement."-Mark Watson, CEO, Purple Works Strategy, Communication and Coaching Consultancy
'Mike has provided a comprehensive guide to stakeholder management that should help elevate the status of stakeholder management to the same level as risk management in the mind of a Project or Change Manager. The Influence Agenda has loads of helpful tools and techniques to use – giving you no more excuses for not being able to do stakeholder engagement well.'-Richard Barton, Partner, Atos Consulting
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