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Palgrave Macmillan

The Legacy of Desegregation

The Struggle for Equality in Higher Education

ISBN 9781137442574
Publication Date March 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Pivot

This book provides a powerful assessment of the legacy of desegregation in American public institutions of higher education and reveals the continuing impact of de facto segregation in contemporary society, seen in court orders that limit the use of race in college admission. Based on race/color as a social construct for American nationality, the imprint of race is seen in the development of separate and unequal systems of higher education. The relevancy of this study brings to the forefront the veil of race that shrouds democratic principles in the United States. The author chronicles the legal history of barriers to the enrollment of African Americans in higher education before and after court ordered desegregation.

Rebeka Maples is former Instructor at The Ohio State University, USA, former Instructor at Methodist Theological School, USA, and former Assistant Professor at Capital University, USA.

1. A Historical View of Desegregation in Higher Education

2. Education Arguments for Desegregation in Higher Education

3. Framing the Study of Desegregation

4. A Sociopolitical Analysis of Black Enrollment

5. Politics Matter for Black College Enrollment


"Maples' book is an authoritative source on the legacy of desegregation in public higher education in America. It contributes to African American history, the history of public higher education, and American history in general. As the author convincingly argues, African American history is American history. This book is a must-read for students and faculty in the humanities, education, and the social and behavioral sciences." - Imali J. Abala, Professor of English at Ohio Dominican University, USA, and author of A Fallen Citadel, The Dilemma of Jahenda the Teenage Mother, The Disinherited, and Move On, Trufosa.
"The path to determining the root cause of an issue can sometimes reveal competing phenomena that serve to obfuscate the truth. In her book, Maples provides a strong and thoughtful argument for how the politics of desegregation have had a lasting effect on the enrollment of African Americans in higher education institutions, even to this day. This is an important book for not only students and faculty to read, but also for community leaders and law makers who continue to look for new ways of providing access to higher education for all of our young people." - Colleen Perry Keith, President, Spartanburg Methodist College, USA
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