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Palgrave Macmillan

The Media Industries and their Markets

Quantitative Analyses

ISBN 9780230277700
Publication Date October 2010
Formats Hardcover 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Applied Econometrics Association Series

A host of internationally recognized experts have been brought together to examine one of the most important sector in today's world economy, the Information Sector. The study utilizes the most recent quantitative and econometric research on the media and information sectors and their markets.

This unique collection of research is divided into three parts: an exploration of the features that characterize the media industry, a supply analysis of the media industry and a demand analysis. The research analysis presented within this study will illuminate the complex strategy of media enterprise and the concentration of media. In addition the demand and audience measurements studies will provide an invaluable resource of marketing and advertising for various media.

This book is indispensable reading for all interested in economic management, information economics, media information and communication industries, media research, media studies and journalism.

PATRICK-YVES BADILLO is a Professor at Aix-Marseille University, France; formerly Director of the School of Journalism and Communication of Marseille, 1997-2008; Director and Founder of the Research Institute on Information and Communication; Project Manager, French National Research Agency. Recent publications: Les 100 mots des Télécommunications, Le Nomadisme Numérique, Le Calcul Intensif, Ecologie des Médias.
JEAN-BAPTISTE LESOURD is a Professor at Université de la Méditerranée, France (School of Journalism and Communication of Marseille). He is collaborating with several universities worldwide: University of Geneva (School of Business) in Switzerland, and the University of Western Australia (School of Economics and Commerce). He is interested in economic and financial information, in the economics of media, and in the ethics of financial communication. He has published several books and a number of refereed papers.

Introduction to Quantitative Studies of Media Markets; P.Y Badillo& J.B.Lesourd
Impediments to a Global Information Society; R.G.Picard
Hybrid Business Models in Web 2.0 New Ventures; C.Garonne & F.Weygand
Management of Hybrid Broadcasting Model: Seeking for Public and Commercial Interests; S.Z.Fiser
The Dynamics of Media Business Models: Innovation, Versioning and Blended Media; P.Y.Badillo & D.Bourgeois
The Dynamics of Media Concentration: the American Experience; E.M.Noam
Measuring Media Concentration; P.Iosifidis
Concentration in the Media Industry: Drivers and Quantitative Analysis. The Case of the French Press Industry; J.B.Lesourd & P.Y.Badillo
The Effects of Competition in the Profitability of European Television Channels; J.P.Artero, C.Etayo, M.Herrero, M.Medina A.Sanchez-Tabernero
Preference for Flat-Rate Media Access Fees: A Behavioral Economics Interpretation; H.Mitomo & T.Otsuka
Explaining Prices Paid for Television Ad Time: The Purchasing Profile Model; W.W.Fu, H.Li & S.Wildman
Advertising Media Strategies in the Film Industry; C.Elliott & R.Simmons
Demand for Movies in Europe and the Effects of Multiplex Diffusion: A Panel Approach; O.Dessy & M.Gambaro
Quantitative Studies on Media Markets: Concluding Comments; O.Güvenen

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