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Palgrave Macmillan

The Palgrave Handbook of Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity

Formulating a Field of Study

ISBN 9781137391841
Publication Date August 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Altruism, morality, and social solidarity are of great sociological importance, but the nature of a coherent field integrating the contemporary study of these three phenomena has yet to be defined. This handbook serves as a foundational source for outlining and developing this field of study, and as an impetus for future research and theoretical development. Featuring a number of outstanding contributors, The Palgrave Handbook of Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity reawakens the study of concepts which were of central concern in the early years of sociology, and establishes their interdependence and modern significance.

  • Winner of the ASA's 2015 Altruism, Morality And Social Solidarity Award

Vincent Jeffries is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at California State University, Northridge, USA.

1. Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity as a Field of Study; Vincent Jeffries
2. Virtues and Human Personhood in the Social Sciences; Margarita A. Mooney
3. Durkheim's Theory of Social Solidarity and Social Rules; Alexander Gofman
4. Beyond the Altruism-Egoism Dichotomy: A New Typology to Capture Morality as a Complex Phenomenon; Raquel Weiss and Paulo Peres
5. The Explanatory Power of Ethics – The Sociology of Jane Addams; Patricia Lengermann and Gillian Niebrugge
6. Pitirim Sorokin's Heritage: From Core Ideas to Syntheses of Theory and of Practice; Pavel Krotov
7. Modern Roots of the Sociology of Love: Tolstoy, Addams, Gandhi and Sorokin; Lawrence T. Nichols
8. Five Sources of Altruism and Case Studies: Springs of Morality and Solidarity; Stephen Post
9. The Social Psychology of Morality: An Overview of Important Moving Parts; Steven Hitlin
10. On Social Solidarity; Christian Smith and Katherine Sorrell
11. Solidarity, Yesterday and Today; Edward A. Tiryakian and Jonathan H. Morgan
12. The Evolution of Affect, Sociality, Altruism, and Conscience in Humans; Jonathan H. Turner
13. Morality as a Cultural System: On Solidarity Civil and Uncivil; Jeffrey C. Alexander
14. The Essential Interconnections Among Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity: The Case of Religious Benevolence; Matthew T. Lee
15. Linking Morality, Altruism, and Social Solidarity Using Identity Theory; Jan E. Stets and Kevin McCaffree
16. Making Morals: Standard Setting in Organizations; Sorcha A. Brophy
17. Self, Identity, and Politics in the Study of Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity; Peter Callero
18. Beyond Altruism: Philanthropy as Moral Biography and Citizenship of Care; Paul G. Schervish

Jeffrey C. Alexander, Yale University, USA
Sorcha A. Brophy, Yale University, USA
Peter Callero, Western Oregon University, USA
Alexander Gofman, National Research University, Russia
Steven Hitlin, University of Iowa, USA
Vincent Jeffries, California State University, Northridge.
Pavel Krotov, Pitirim A. Sorokin Foundation
Matthew T. Lee, University of Akron, USA
Margarita A. Mooney, Yale University, USA
Lawrence T. Nichols, West Virginia University, USA
Patricia Lengermann, George Washington University, USA
Gillian Niebrugge, George Washington University, USA
Stephen Post, Stony Brook University, USA
Paul G. Schervish, Boston College, USA
Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame, USA
Katherine Sorrell, University of Notre Dame, USA
Jan E. Stets, University of California-Riverside, USA
Kevin McCaffree, University of California-Riverside, USA
Edward A. Tiryakian, Duke University, USA
Jonathan H. Morgan, Duke University, USA
Jonathan H. Turner, University of California-Riverside, USA
Raquel Weiss, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Paulo Peres, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


"Sociology has a moral purpose—and one aspect of that purpose is to create a 21st century version of a recently neglected topic, a sociology of the good. This excellent book does exactly that. It focuses on developing valid knowledge of altruism, morality, and social solidarity, including identifying pathological conditions and exploring preferable alternatives, each of which will help in formulating action plans for the common good of society. For today's sociologists, this inspiring book is a must-read." - Wendell Bell, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, and Fellow, Koerner Center, Yale University, USA
"A provocative foray designed to jumpstart an emerging subfield the authors call Altrusim, Morality, and Solidarity, this colorful work offers fresh views of personhood, identity dynamics, standard setting in organizations, philanthropy, and the evolutionary benefits of altruism. Beyond Durkheim, it also retrieves neglected understandings of Lev Tolstoy, Jane Addams and Pitirim Sorokin." - Donald N. Levine, Peter B. Ritzma Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago
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