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Palgrave Macmillan

Toward an American Conservatism

Constitutional Conservatism during the Progressive Era

ISBN 9781137300959
Publication Date November 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

During the Progressive Era (1880-1920), leading thinkers and politicians transformed American politics. Historians and political scientists have given a great deal of attention to the progressives who effected this transformation. Yet relatively little is known about the conservatives who opposed these progressive innovations, despite the fact that they played a major role in the debates and outcomes of this period of American history. These early conservatives represent a now-forgotten source of inspiration for modern American conservatism. This volume gives these constitutional conservatives their first full explanation and demonstrates their ongoing relevance to contemporary American conservatism.

Joseph Postell is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He is the co-editor (with Bradley C.S. Watson) of Rediscovering Political Economy.

Johnathan O'Neill is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of History at Georgia Southern University and the author of Originalism in American Law and Politics: A Constitutional History.

Introduction; Johnathan O'Neill and Joseph Postell
1. Constitutional Conservatism During the Progressive Era: The National Association for Constitutional Government and Constitutional Review; Johnathan O'Neill
2. The Progressive Origins of Conservative Hostility to Lochner v. New York; David E. Bernstein
3. William Howard Taft and the Struggle for the Soul of the Constitution; Sidney M. Milkis
4. The Election of 1912 and the Origins of Constitutional Conservatism; William Schambra
5. William Howard Taft on America and the Philippines: Equality, Natural Rights, and Imperialism; John Grant
6. Civilization versus Modernity: The League of Nations in the Crisis of World Civilization; W. Taylor Reveley
7. 'Roaring' against Progressivism: Calvin Coolidge's Principled Conservatism; Joseph Postell
8. Rational Compromise: Charles Evans Hughes as a Progressive Originalist; James R. Stoner, Jr.
9. The Two Phases of Herbert Hoover's Constitutional Conservatism; Gordon Lloyd and David Davenport
Epilogue; Charles Kesler

David E. Bernstein, George Mason University, USA
Sidney M. Milkis, University of Virginia, USA
William A. Schambra, Hudson Institute, USA
W. Taylor Reveley, Longwood University, USA
James R. Stoner, Jr., Louisiana State University, USA
David Davenport, Stanford University, USA
Gordon Lloyd, Pepperdine University, USA


Praise to come.
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