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Palgrave Macmillan

Transnational Mobilities in Action Sport Cultures

ISBN 9780230390737
Publication Date May 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship

This book offers an in-depth sociological examination of the global phenomenon of action sports. It argues that trends in contemporary action sport cultures raise important questions about the changing nature of sport in the 21st century. Adopting a global ethnographic approach and engaging multiple theoretical perspectives, it examines how transnational action sport corporations, mega events and media spectacles, the international travel patterns of athletes, tourists and migrants, and the high use of social media among participants, are contributing to the emergence of a transnational imaginary within and across action sport communities. This book contributes to recent debates in the fields of transnationalism, mobilities and migration scholarship, by revealing both the macro structural features of transnationalism and the everyday lived experiences at the local level. Each chapter offers case studies and site-specific vignettes from an array of action sports and around the world. Ultimately, this book illustrates how corporeal, virtual and imagined mobilities and connections across borders are influencing not only how youth are practicing and consuming sport and physical activity, but also how such processes are informing their sense of space, place, identity, politics and belonging.

Holly Thorpe is Senior Lecturer at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. She has published widely on the topics of sociology of sport, social theory, physical youth culture, gender, and action sports.

1. Transnational Mobilities and Action Sport Cultures: Conceptual, Theoretical and Methodological Considerations
2. Producing Transnational Networks: Action Sport Companies, Media and Events
3. Digital Media and the Transnational Imaginary: Virtual Memorialization of Global Action Sport Stars
4. Corporeal Mobilities in Action Sport Cultures: Tourists, Professionals and Seasonal Migrants
5. Pleasure, Play, and Everyday Politics in Transnational Action Sport Destinations
6. Transnational Action Sport Career Migration: Reflections from Home and Away
7. Action Sports and Natural Disaster Immobilities: Arrhythmic Experiences in Christchurch, New Zealand
8. The Emergence of Action Sports in the Middle East: Imagining New Mobilities with Parkour in Gaza
9. Transnational Connections and Transformation: Action Sport for Development and Peace Building


"Holly Thorpe has produced an outstanding sociological study of action sports within the global context. I particularly enjoyed the book's highly insightful, creative and critical engagement with contemporary theories of transnationalism and mobility to understand the cultural politics and contemporary practices of action sports. This analysis draws on very rich data that has been derived from many years of fieldwork and interviews across the world. The book will be essential reading for all academics, students and wider readers who are interested in sport, migration, transnationalism, and the social and cultural aspects of globalization." - Richard Giulianotti, Loughborough University, UK
'This is an all-action account of the geography and sociology of action sports. It is a really interesting and entertaining read - strongly recommended.' - John Urry, Lancaster Universit, UK
'An invaluable interdisciplinary contribution to the understanding of both action sport cultures and, more generally, the network of flows and mobilities that constitute the transnational condition. Transnational Mobilities is a complex and comprehensive discussion, characterized by a compelling synthesis of theoretical depth and empirical insight.' - David Andrews, University of Maryland, US
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