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Palgrave Macmillan

Wittgenstein and Plato

Connections, Comparisons and Contrasts

ISBN 9781137313447
Publication Date May 2013
Formats Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) Hardcover 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

This is the first volume dedicated to a direct exploration of Wittgenstein and Plato. It is a compilation of essays by thirteen authors of diverse geographical provenance, orientation and philosophical interest.
The volume offers the most complete and detailed view to date on Wittgenstein and Plato, without being tied to any unilateral guidelines from either a critical or philosophical perspective. The authors are scholars of Wittgenstein, but also of Plato and Greek philosophy. The book is a sort of game of mirrors: Plato in the mirror of Wittgenstein, and Wittgenstein in the mirror of Plato. All essays always seek to combine philosophical interest and philological attention, although, in some essays one interest prevails over the other.
Despite the preponderance of scholars of Wittgenstein, the volume seeks to be not only a book on Wittgenstein and Plato, but also, simultaneously, on Plato and Wittgenstein.

Luigi Perissinotto is Professor of Philosophy of Language at Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy. He has published widely on Wittgenstein and hermeneutics. He is Director of the philosophical studies series La scala e l'album and supervises the language section of the Analytical Philosophies series.

Begoña Ramón Cámara graduated in Philosophy from the University of Valencia, Spain and was a postgraduate student at the École Normale Supérieure of Paris and Cambridge University. She is a member of the Department of Metaphysics and Theory of Knowledge of the University of Valencia. She is the author of several publications on Plato and Wittgenstein.

Notes on Contributors
1. Wittgenstein's Debt to Plato; Joachim Schulte
2. Wittgenstein Reads Plato; Wolfgang Kienzler
3. 'The Socratic Method!': Wittgenstein and Plato; Luigi Perissinotto,
4. The Scales and the Compass of Philosophy. Wittgenstein in the Mirror of Plato; Cecilia Rofena
5. Knowing Where to Turn: Analogy, Method and Literary Form in Plato and Wittgenstein; Mark W. Rowe
6. The World Seen Sub Specie Aeternitatis: Wittgenstein's Platonism; Begoña Ramón Cámara,
7. Plato, Wittgenstein and the Origins of Language; Antoni Defez
8. Plato, Wittgenstein and the Definition of Games; Catherine Rowett
9. Writing and Communicating Philosophy. Consonances Between Plato and Wittgenstein; Silvana Borutti and Fulvia De Luise,
10. Wittgenstein, Plato and the 'Craving For Generality'; Franco Trabattoni
11. On Philosophy's (Lack Of) Progress: From Plato to Wittgenstein (and Rawls); Rupert Read
12. How Wittgenstein Refused to be 'The Son Of'; Antonia Soulez
13. Radical Enlightenment Optimism: Socrates and Wittgenstein; Thomas Wallgren

Silvana Borutti, University of Pavia, Italy
Antoni Defez i Martín, University of Girona, Catalonia, Spain
Fulvia de Luise, University of Trento, Italy
Wolfgang Kienzler, University of Jena, Germany
Rupert Read, University of East Anglia, UK
Cecilia Rofena, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy
M.W. Rowe, University of East Anglia,UK
Catherine Rowett, University of East Anglia, UK
Joachim Schulte, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Antonia Soulez, University of Paris 8-St Denis/Maison des sciences de l'homme, Paris, France
Franco Trabattoni, University of Milan, Italy
Thomas Wallgren, University of Helsinki, Finland


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