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Palgrave Macmillan

Women Intellectuals in Post-68 France

Petitions and Polemics

ISBN 9780230363069
Publication Date October 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series French Politics, Society and Culture

Cultural and historical accounts of the public intellectual and French feminism have been remiss in their failure to recognise an important group of major women intellectuals in France. In particular, studies of French feminism and public intellectuals have overlooked the contribution of notable figures such as Françoise Parturier, Gisèle Halimi and Elisabeth Badinter amongst many others which has necessarily had a detrimental effect on discourses about the gendered phenomenon of the public intellectual in France. By studying the work of these neglected intellectuals alongside those of more recognised women thinkers such as Assia Djebar, Marguerite Duras and Annie Ernaux, this book aims to provide a much broader picture of the activities, both political and literary, of female key public in the aftermath of May 1968. By exploring the relationship between their interventions in the public sphere and their creative work it throws new light on the reasons for their omission in standard theoretical and empirical work on the French intellectual. In so doing, this book offers a cultural and theoretical re-evaluation of the gendered phenomenon of the public intellectual in France, as such it is important reading to students and scholars of French Feminism and French public intellectuals more generally.

Imogen Long is Lecturer in French at the University of Hull, UK, and her research interests include the figure of the public intellectual in France and women's writing. She has previously published articles and chapters on Simone de Beauvoir, Danièle Sallenave and Françoise Parturier.

1. Women Intellectuals
2. In the Eye of the Storm: Women and Polemics in the Public Space
3. La mise en question du réel: Danièle Sallenave
4. À la recherche de soi-même: Gisèle Halimi 
5. Dans la lignée de Beauvoir: Elisabeth Badinter


In this provocative book, Imogen Long rises to a number of challenges: she situates French post '68 women intellectual writers in the context of the traditionally male intellectual environment of the twentieth century; even more importantly, she foregrounds the divergences which inform their engagement with key issues and structures of French and Francophone society of the period. By adroitly exploiting the range of writing modes and vehicles employed, this volume demonstrates how a group of feisty women writers questioned not only French society's approach to women, but the very foundations of French society. This book makes a valuable contribution to a reassessment of post '68 French intellectuals.
Maggie Allison, Division of Social Science and Criminal Justice, University of Bradford, UK.
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