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    Winning Minds
    August 2015
    Top speechwriter Simon Lancaster blends ancient rhetoric and neuroscience to create the ultimate practical guide to the Language of Leadership.
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    Shifting the scientific culture toward transparency: New guidelines to improve research and publishing practices
    25 June 2015
    Our multidisciplinary open access journal, Palgrave Communications, is a signatory to the new TOP Guidelines, which more than 100 journals have adopted to enhance the transparency of the research they publish.
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    Making Sense of Markets
    July 2015
    Since the financial crisis, there have been numerous reports, articles and books highlighting the gloomy future ahead. Making Sense of Markets makes the case that received wisdom is still far too pessimistic, and that the future may be brighter than feared. A plain-speaking guide to keeping an open mind (and how to profit from it).
  • PressRelease
    July 2015
    SlutWalk explores representations of the global anti-rape movement of the same name, in mainstream news and feminist blogs around the world. It reveals strategies and practices used to adapt the movement to suit local cultures and contexts and explores how social media organized, theorized and publicized this contemporary feminist campaign.
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    Palgrave Macmillan imprint continues unchanged
    5 June 2015
    St Martin’s Press announced this week that they will be retiring the Palgrave imprint, a boutique imprint that publishes 45-50 original titles per year. St Martin’s Press use of the Palgrave imprint has been specifically for Palgrave Macmillan’s trade non-fiction list for serious non-fiction, aimed at a general audience. We wish to confirm that the Palgrave Macmillan imprint will continue as part of Springer Nature, publishing books, monographs and journals in professional, business, finance and the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).
  • PressRelease
    The Science of Why
    June 2015
    In this groundbreaking book, author David Forbes explains human motivation and provides ways that marketers can effectively reach the consumer. The book uses decades of psychology research and the author's own tool, the Forbes Matrix that identifies, organizes, and explains the nine core motivations.
  • PressRelease
    The Public Wealth of Nations
    June 2015
    Two leading economists argue that publicly owned commercial assets need to be taken out of the control of politicians. This radical, reforming book could lead to the creation of entirely new departments in the world's major banks, improve the fabric of democratic institutions across the globe, and increase global living standards.
  • PressRelease
    How Politics Makes Us Sick
    May 2015
    Ted Schrecker and Clare Bambra argue that the obesity, insecurity, austerity and inequality that result from neoliberal (or 'market fundamentalist') policies are hazardous to our health, asserting that these neoliberal epidemics require a political cure.

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