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Cornerstones of Computing
Edited by
Richard Bird, University of Oxford, England
Tony Hoare, Oxford University

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Computer Vision and Image Processing

Directed at third-year undergraduates and postgraduates this challenging text offers a complete and up-to-date introduction to...more
09 Sep 2003
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The Fun of Programming

In this textbook, leading researchers give tutorial expositions on the current state of the art of functional programming. The...more
27 Mar 2003
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The B-Method

This book provides a textbook introduction to the B-Method, a rigorous methodology for the development of correct software,...more
19 Oct 2001
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Operating Systems with Linux

This book takes an approach to teaching operating systems that is new in several different ways:- it presents the basic theory of...more
14 Feb 2001
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Millennial Perspectives in Computer Science
Proceedings of the 1999 Oxford-Microsoft Symposium in Honour of Sir Tony Hoare

Millennial Reflections in Computer Science is a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge issues within computing science written by...more
30 Nov 2000
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Formal Object Oriented Specification Using Object-Z

This book presents techniques for the precise description of software or systems using the object-oriented formal specification...more
06 Jun 2000
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