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Visions of Struggle in Women
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Visions of Struggle in Women's Filmmaking in the Mediterranean
Edited by Flavia Laviosa
Palgrave Macmillan
17 Mar 2010
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In this survey, contributors examine issues of women's rights violations in Mediterranean countries as represented in politically engaged films of the region.


In this survey, contributors examine issues of women's rights violations in Mediterranean countries as represented in politically engaged films of the region.


"Visions of Struggle leaves the reader with a revealing and nuanced account of the very struggle to be a self; of the performativity, that is, of the gendered self, as it transpires within the fraught contexts of modernity which continue to include an extraordinary range of 'ordinary' forms of sexist and nationalist violence." - Journal of Contemporary European Studies

"Visions of Struggle is a unique collection which provides an excellent example of comparative feminist praxis whilst stimulating critical debate around women's filmmaking, the political, social, cultural and industrial contexts within which women's films are produced, and the films' representations of women's issues . . . It contributes significantly to the documentation of women's cinemas and to the conceptualization of two sets of practices - feminism and film - within the context of a vast array of cinematic production ‘far beyond Hollywood, both geographically and metaphorically.'" - Screen

"The collections of essays in Visions of Struggle offers an accessible selection of feminist critical work on film and the cross-cultural production of knowledge advocated by Chandra Mohanty in her introduction." - New Cinema

"An interesting and well-conceived volume." - Italica

"While it takes into account a variety of different experiences, Visions of Struggle, asLaviosaspecifies, is an 'open text that can be entered from different points, and pursued through different paths.' The book, which is an unmediated work on women's common narratives, urges its reader to ask questions through the medium of cinema rather than proposing a definite result of all these problems. In this sense, it is a key to understanding and evaluating the different traumatic experiences, and women's coping mechanisms with a new perspective."-Sinecine

"Visions of Struggle in Women's Filmmaking in the Mediterranean functions as an important and valuable resource for the interdisciplinary fields of cinema, women's, and Mediterranean studies. Highly recommended for students and scholars interested in the national and transnational negotiations of women's identities and rights in this region of the world, these essays prove provocative and insightful, and will surely inspire new directions for future research." - Annali di Italianistica

"Visions of Struggle engages with long-standing feminist issues in new ways. Moving around the Mediterranean basin, together these essays form a multi-colored patchwork that encompasses documentary, feature-length fiction, and hybrid, experimental film. In their essays, the ten contributors explore the ways the region’s female inhabitants experience, confront, and counter terrorism, abuse, forced marriage, sex trafficking, honor killings, and war. A critical assessment not only of female vulnerability in the twenty-first century but also of resilience, creativity, and strength, Visions of Struggle provides a sorely needed and eminently strategic update to questions facing both women and film." - Chris Holmlund, Chair, Cinema Studies Program and Professor, Cinema Studies, Women’s Studies, and French, University of Tennessee


Preface; L.Mulvey
Introduction; F.Laviosa
Veiling and Unveiling the Israeli Mediterranean: Yulie Cohen-Gerstel's My Terrorist and My Land Zion; Y.Loshitzky
The Wiles of Maghrebi Women's Cinema; F.Martin
Visions and Voices of the Self in Take My Eyes; M.Cantero
Mutilating and Mutilated Bodies: Women's Takes on 'Extreme' French Cinema; C.Tarr
Anthropological Anxieties: Roberta Torre's Critique of Mafia Violence; Á.O'Healy
Vertigo in the Balkans: Karin Jurschick's The Peacekeepers and the Women; M.Waller
Maria, Irene, and Olga 'à la recherche du temps perdu...'; M.Paradeisi
Hard to Bear: Women's Burdens in the Cinema of Yesim Ustaoglu; S.Ruken Öztürk
Filming Defeat in the Arabic Idiom: Poetry, Cinema and the Saving Grace of Hala Al-Abdallah; R.Salti
'Death is the fairest cover for her shame': Framing Honor Killings; F.Laviosa


FLAVIA LAVIOSA is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Italian Studies at Wellesley College, USA, and is on the international editorial board of Sine/Cine: The Journal of Cinema Research.