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Serious Stats

A guide to advanced statistics for the behavioral sciences

by Thom Baguley

Serious Stats: A guide to advanced statistics for the behavioral sciences was written for experienced students and researchers in the human sciences who wish to refresh or extend their statistical understanding in readiness to tackle more advanced or cutting-edge work.

Key theory is reviewed and illustrated with examples of how to apply these concepts with real data. Code is provided in the Student Zone of this website for all examples in R (free, open-source software program), and supplemented with notes on SPSS syntax for many of the techniques covered.

Highlights of the book include:

  • An introduction to advanced procedures, such as meta-analysis, multiple imputation, robust methods, generalized linear models, zero-inflated models, multilevel models for repeated measures designs, and multilevel generalized linear models
  • Chapters on challenging topics, such as confidence intervals, effect size, interaction effects, and contrasts
  • Additional online supplements to complement the text, covering meta-analysis, dealing with missing data, replication probabilities and prep, pseudo-R2 and related measures, and loglinear models. You will find these in the Student Zone on this website.

Other areas of interest:

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