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To help you in your search for the ideal book for your course, we have created a collection of our top texts by subject area.

These are our most popular texts, but if you can't find what you're looking for please try our advanced search from the homepage or ask us:

If your subject area of interest does not appear on the list below please visit our subject browse pages

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Anthropology Cultural and Media Studies Science:
Banking, Finance and Accountancy Modern Languages Astronomy and Space
Business and Management Nursing and Health Biochemistry
Computer Science and IT Philosophy Biological Sciences
Counselling and Psychotherapy Politics top texts - search by subject area Chemistry
Criminology Politics text finder - search by course Earth Sciences
Economics Psychology Medicine
Engineering Research Methods Neuroscience
History Shakespeare Physics
Film Social Policy
International Relations Social Work
Language and Linguistics Sociology
Law Study Skills
Literature Theatre and Performance Studies
Mathematics and Statistics  

Don't forget that you are the most influential factor in whether your students use books on their course.

So, once you have chosen your course text and if you expect students to use it, remember to tell them in your first lecture!

Also, don't forget to inform your local bookshop and library about the books on your reading list.