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Your learning style

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Everybody has a preferred set of methods and conditions for working. Sometimes these are referred to as learning styles.

There are many different questionnaires that analyse individual learning styles. You can look at your learning style without completing these longer questionnaires. For example, you could consider which statement most fits you from each pair below:

I prefer to work on my own. I prefer to work with others.
I prefer to work out things for myself. I prefer to be given clear guidance on what to do.
I like working through things logically. I like to let solutions emerge from the process.
I like to work in quiet. I like to work with music or TV in the background.
I like to work for long periods at a time. I like to take lots of breaks.
I like to work in bright light. I like to work in dim light.
I work best during the day. I work best at night.
I prefer to work at home. I prefer to work on campus.
I prefer to learn through listening. I prefer to learn through seeing.
I prefer to learn from books. I prefer to learn by doing things .

You can print out a list of these preferences. The list gives you an idea of some of your learning preferences. You will probably find that the options open to you do not cover the whole range of conditions that you prefer for learning. However, you should have found that the list of statements gives you an idea of some of the variables that can affect learning.

If you wish to know more about your learning style, you can undertake the learning styles and preferences questionnaires in Chapter 4 of The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell.

This content has been written by Stella Cottrell, author of The Study Skills Handbook.