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From this page, you can download and listen to helpful advice to get the most out of both your academic and personal life at university. You are also able to download the transcripts. Containing real tips from students as well as sound advice from the Palgrave Study Skills series, these free audio files will help you manage your money, improve your assignment grades, essay writing and presentation skills, as well helping you achieve better exam results.

You can listen to the audio files through your PC or by downloading them to another device. To listen to the audio files through your PC use your mouse to left-click on the MP3 or WMA links below. To download the files, right-click, select ‘Save as’ or ‘Save link as’ and specify the destination to which you would like to save the file. MP3 files can be downloaded to your MP3 player or your iPod. For more help, click here


How to Write Better EssaysTricks of the Writer’s Trade – MP3

The secret to writing a great sentence is keeping it simple. Many people imagine that good writers use words in a complicated way, but the tricks of the trade are all about making your writing easy to read.

This audio explores some straightforward methods of constructing your writing in a clear, engaging manner and conveying your meaning as directly possible.

Download the audio file

Download the transcript (PDF ~ 24K)

This content is based on Write it Right by John Peck and Martin Coyle.

Skills for SuccessCreative Thinking – MP3

You don’t need to be good at drawing or painting or music in order to be creative. Creative thinking can benefit any aspect of life, including academic study or our working day.

Download this audio file for practical ways that you can develop and enhance your creative capacity.

Download the transcript (PDF ~ 26K)

This content is based on Skills for Success: The Personal Development Planning Handbook by Stella Cottrell.


How to Write Better EssaysReferencing and plagiarism MP3

Plagiarism is seen as a serious form of academic dishonesty, but it is all too easy to plagiarise material with knowing it.

Download this audio file, which focuses on one of the most problematic areas of essay writing – citing sources appropriately and avoiding plagiarism.

Download the transcript (PDF ~ 20K)

This content is based on How to Write Better Essays by Bryan Greetham.


Critical Thinking SkillsCritical analysis MP3

Ever seen the comment ‘be more critical’ or, ’more analysis needed’ on your work, but do not know what your tutor actually means by it?

Download this audio file, to find out how you can improve your critical analysis and thinking in your written work, and why it is just so important.

Download the transcript (PDF ~ 37K)

This content is based on Critical Thinking Skills by Stella Cottrell.



Presentation Skills for StudentsPresentation skills MP3

Speaking confidently in public might be the single most important thing you’ll learn as a student. Even after you’ve left university, it is likely you will still need to engage people’s attention and be able to get your point of view across.

Download this audio file, which looks at strategies to overcome the most common problems for under-confident speakers – speaking too fast and not allowing enough time for pauses.

Download the transcript (PDF ~ 22K)

This content is based on Presentation Skills for Students by Joan van Emden and Lucinda Becker.



The Study Skills HandbookExam skills MP3

For any number of reasons you may feel exams are a nightmare. You may feel you simply can’t perform well under stress, that you can’t demonstrate your understanding or even remember you name in exam conditions!

Download this audio file, which provides strategies to improve your confidence and performance during exams.

Download the transcript (PDF ~ 49K)

This content is based on The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell.



The Student Life HandbookManaging your finances MP3

Money – one of the most pressing concerns for almost every student!

Download this audio file, which offers helpful and practical advice on how to manage your finances while you are at university.

Download the transcript (PDF ~ 28K)

This content is based on The Student Life Handbook by Christine Fanthome.




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