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All over the world students are changing countries for their university studies. They don’t all have the same reasons for going or for choosing a particular place to study. They may choose a university because of its interesting courses or perhaps because they like the country and its language. Some students go overseas because they love travel. Whatever the reason, thousands of students each year make their dreams of a university education come true.

Starting at any university is a major step in life. Students who speak English as a second language and who are studying in a new country are taking an even bigger step. How do we choose our subjects? Can we go and talk with the lecturers? What about making friends? In this section, you will find handy tips and suggestions on overcoming the challenges that international students may face.

Study Skills for Speakers of English as a Second LanguageSpeakers of English as a Second Language

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This content has been taken from Study Skills for Speakers of English as a Second Language, by Marilyn Lewis and Hayo Reinders.

Based on interviews with international students and their teachers, this book offers straightforward advice on academic topics such as language use, as well as social topics and the culture of British universities. It also contains a helpful mini-dictionary of university words, and so will be an ideal guide for any international student studying in an English-speaking university.




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