Allie Troyanos

Allie (Bochicchio) Troyanos

Senior Editor

Palgrave Macmillan

One New York Plaza, Suite 4500
New York, NY 10004-1562

Tel.: 212-451-8489

Allie Troyanos’ commissioning centers on the intersections of literature with other disciplines as well as various theoretical frameworks in literary studies. In particular, her list focuses on literature, science, and medicine including the medical humanities, ecocriticism, and literature and the environment. She is interested in established and emerging subfields including literary disability studies; mobilities studies; geocriticism and spatial literary studies; literary urban studies; music and literature; and animals and literature. She also commissions in the areas of medieval studies; modern and contemporary poetry; fan studies; and genre studies. Her acquisitions in genre studies include scholarship on crime fiction, gothic literature, maritime literature, children’s literature, and science fiction and fantasy. Allie also welcomes proposals of literary biography and research in book history. She acquires monographs, edited collections, Pivots, open access books, handbooks, major reference works, and textbooks.

Allie commissions titles into the following book series:

  • The New Middle Ages
  • Modern and Contemporary Poetry and Poetics
  • Crime Files
  • Palgrave Gothic
  • Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature
  • Maritime Literature and Culture
  • Studies in Global Science Fiction
  • Palgrave Science Fiction and Fantasy: A New Canon
  • Palgrave Fan Studies
  • New Directions in Book History
  • Literary Lives
  • Geocriticism and Spatial Literary Studies
  • Literature, Cultures, and the Environment
  • Literary Disability Studies
  • Literary Urban Studies
  • Palgrave Handbooks of Literature and Science
  • Palgrave Studies in Animals and Literature
  • Palgrave Studies in Literature,  Science and Medicine
  • Studies in Mobilities, Literature, and Culture
  • Palgrave Studies in Music and Literature
  • Palgrave Studies in Literature, Culture, and Economics