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Celebrating International Women's Day

Women are extremely valuable to society, but what role do they play today? What is their status in contemporary society?

In honor of International Women's Day, we invite you to explore the latest research on women across sociology, culture and media and education. You can enjoy a range of selected titles, articles and blog pieces.

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Gender, Sexualities and Culture in Asia​​​​​​​

The Gender, Sexualities and Culture in Asia book series provides a welcome new forum for monographs and anthologies focusing on the intersections between gender, sexuality and culture across Asia. Titles in the series include multi- and interdisciplinary research by scholars within Asia as well as in North American, European and Australian academic contexts. It offers a distinctive space for the exploration of topics of growing academic concern, from non-normative cultures of sexuality in Asia, to studies of gendered identities cross the region, and expands the field of Asian genders and sexualities by applying a cultural lens to current debates, including rural lives, migration patterns, religion, transgender identities, sex industry and family.

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