World Health Day

April 7th 2017

World Health Day 2017

Celebrated annually on the 7th April to mark the founding of its sponsors in 1948, World Health Day serves as the World Health Association’s global call to address topical issues of health, relevant to a particular theme. The theme for 2017 is Depression: Let’s Talk.

For this World Health Day, Palgrave has compiled research from across our journals and books--take a look, and share with your colleagues!

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Palgrave prides itself on its many series in global health. Take a look at our series on Mental Health and healthcare below.

Calls For Proposals

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Journal of Public Health Policy

Journal of Public Health Policy

Human survival in a new era

We invite colleagues around the world to submit to JPHP original research, analyses, and descriptions of threats to population health. What information and actions may help protect health? We call for research communities to conceptualize in future work ways to reveal changes in and threats to health. Can you suggest ideas that might develop into ways to understand a new generation of potential threats to health? If so, we will give these submissions priority for publication.

Read the full call for papers here

Palgrave Studies in Public Health Policy Research

Edited by Patrick Fafard, University of Ottawa, Canada and Evelyne de Leeuw, University of New South Wales, Australia

Health is political. This firmly held belief, however, has not systematically permeated public health policy making and its scholarship. The theoretical and conceptual insights of political science and international relations have not been widely deployed to improve public health and its policy processes. The Palgrave Studies in Public Health Policy Research series now provides a forum to do exactly that. We welcome monographs, edited collections, and Pivots (short form books of 25,000-50,000 words).

To submit, contact Jemima Warren, Commissioning Editor for Public Policy:


From Psychology to Politics Palgrave Macmillan offers a look at mental health from all perspectives. Browse our collection of health research below -- we hope you find something inspiring!

New Content Item

From Palgrave Communications

Back to balance: labour therapeutics and the depoliticisation of workplace distress

James Davies

This article assesses the rise in diverse workplaces of what the author terms “labour therapeutics”—the application of therapeutic ideas and interventions to the understanding and management of employee distress.

Knots and black holes: why we’re all prone to madness and what we can do about it
Peter Kinderman

This article highlights the importance of viewing illness in social context. Kinderman argues in his comment piece that the social determinants of mental ill-health should be more prominently emphasised.