Contemporary Crises

Exploring modern societal challenges

A Note from the Editor

We are living through a period of dramatic transformation. Climate change is an accepted reality, with the UN calling for a revolutionary overhaul of traditional energy industry to avoid further damage to the earth. Supply chains are increasingly globalised. Technology is advancing at the fastest rate in human history. Society is becoming increasingly digitised and interconnected. Information can zip across the world in a matter of minutes.

And so as society evolves and faces new crises, so must business. Globalisation means that supply chains are increasingly complex – could blockchain, and its ability to form immutable chains of data, be a solution, allowing greater transparency? The population is booming, and so we need more energy, and yet we know that using gas and coal will poison the world for future generations – can sustainability initiatives help? Will artificial intelligence become part of the consumer experience – and if so, what are the ethical implications? Can big data and computer mapping be the solution to global food shortages? Nationalism is on the rise across the world – will this damage international business, and how can corporations adapt?

Palgrave prides itself on being on the cutting-edge of business research. We are interested in proposals that address the pressing crises facing society and business, especially proposals that: address the impact of new technology on business; examine the many facets of sustainability, including how it can be implemented; corporate social responsibility; innovation in business; and much more. We want new perspectives and new ideas; revolutionary academia for a revolutionary time.

We publish traditional monographs alongside edited collections, handbooks and major reference works (using our innovative Living Reference system); as well as Pivots – a shortform monograph that is 25,000 to 50,000 words in length and can publish within 12 weeks of entering production. These are especially appealing for academics who operate in fast-evolving fields who do not want to be restricted by a slower schedule. We also encourage our authors to publish their work as open access titles.

Please contact one of our editors to learn more.

Jess commissions Business and Management books across the UK and Europe. She is tireless in her quest for innovative, exciting research that represents the forefront of current scholarly thought. She publishes across a wide variety of formats, including monographs, edited collections, major reference works and Palgrave pivots.