The Rise of the Global South

The Rise of Global South: A Note from the Editor

P_Marcus BallengerThe Global South is increasingly being used to refer to developing countries mostly in the southern hemisphere across Latin America, Africa and Asia. Each of these continents are seeing varying amounts of economic growth. Latin America is recovering from a six year slump and is seeing a rise in commodity prices, though corruption scandals and political uncertainty continue to haunt some countries. Africa is a large continent, not at all homogeneous, with varying cultures and business environments, though rich in resources. Nevertheless, sub-Saharan Africa is ripe for business and is currently experiencing 3% growth per year as a region. It has seen significant increase in FDI, particularly from China, India, and Gulf countries, though civil war, corruption, and high unemployment remain challenges in many countries. Asian has seen a transformation from an agrarian society to an industrial one over the past century. Countries like Japan and Singapore are highly industrialized while Myanmar and Vietnam are still in early stages. The Chinese initiative One Belt, One Road looks to link Eurasia and transform global trade.

With these changing dynamics in business, economics, and finance, we welcome proposals for projects that explore these shifts and offer new perspectives for scholars and researchers. Topics such as sustainability, digital economies and FinTech, and innovation, along with many others, are possible avenues of investigation that will make important contributions to various fields. We publish monographs, edited collections, handbooks, reference works, textbooks, as well as Pivots, which are 25,000 to 50,000 words in length and publish within 12 weeks upon entering production. We also encourage our authors to publish their work as open access titles.

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Marcus joined Palgrave in 2015 and commissions scholarly business content from authors based in the Americas. He welcomes proposals from all areas of business, including HR, entrepreneurship, innovation, international business, marketing, big data, sport management, and more.