Partner with us for your next open access book series

We partner with funders, learned societies, research centres and organisations around the world to publish open access book series.

Among Springer Nature's partners are: CERN, Simula Research Laboratory, and International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion network (IMISCOE).

We believe that by combining our partners’ excellent research with Springer Nature’s position as the leading open access publisher worldwide, we can help organisations reach the broadest possible audience.

Our publishing partners, just like individual authors, benefit from a wide range of services, including editorial support, technical knowledge, global dissemination and marketing and PR services.

We work together with our partners in order to understand their specific needs and prepare tailored proposals for them. We are open to many possible scenarios:

  • we can publish your books as stand-alone projects
  • we can include them in existing Springer Nature series
  • or we can create an individual series of OA books, under the aegis of your organisation.

We would be happy to help your organisation or research group develop a personalised open access books publishing plan. Partners can also publish “hybrid” book series with us, which include both open access and non-open access books.

Find out more about our open access book partnership opportunities.

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