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An investigation into the factors affecting knowledge management adoption and practice in the life insurance business

Li-Su Huang, Mohammed Quaddus, Anna L Rowe and Cheng-Po Lai

Knowl Manage Res Pract 9: 58-72

International academic knowledge creation and ba. A case study from Finland

Johanna Hautala

Knowl Manage Res Pract 9: 4-16

A study of knowledge management enablers across countries

Rémy Magnier-Watanabe, Caroline Benton and Dai Senoo

Knowl Manage Res Pract 9: 17-28

The success of Expert Recommending Services and the part played by organizational context

Claudio Vitari

Knowl Manage Res Pract 9: 151-171

Knowledge strategy typologies: defining dimensions and relationships

James S Denford and Yolande E Chan

Knowl Manage Res Pract 9: 102-119;

Indicators at the interface: managing policymaker-researcher collaboration

Anita Kothari, Lynne MacLean, Nancy Edwards and Allison Hobbs

Knowl Manage Res Pract 9: 203-214

Absorptive capacity: a proposed operationalization

Jean-Pierre Noblet, Eric Simon and Robert Parent

Knowl Manage Res Pract 9: 367-377

Knowledge codification in audit and consulting firms: a conceptual and empirical approach

Corinne Janicot and Sophie Mignon

Knowl Manage Res Pract 10: 4-15