Earth Day

22nd April 2017

Earth Day with Palgrave Macmillan

Earth Day was established on the 22nd April 1970 and has raised global awareness of the environmental issues facing the world ever since. The theme for this year is Climate Literacy.

With climate literacy more important than ever, Palgrave has brought together the very best in scholarly resources examining the environment and climate change. Celebrate Earth Day with us and take a look at our content below, which includes research in the fields of Geography, Literature, History, Politics and more.

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Adam Corner Discusses Climate Communication

Co-author of Talking Climate, Adam Corner, talks about the importance of Earth Day and climate communication, outlining the five key principles which will transport issues surrounding climate change into the mainstream. Read the article here.

Talking Climate describes a fresh approach to climate change communication: five core principles for public engagement that can propel climate change discourse out of the margins and into the mainstream. The question of how to communicate about climate change, and build public engagement in high-consuming, carbon-intensive Western nations, has occupied researchers, practitioners, and campaigners for more than two decades. During this time, limited progress has been made. Socially and culturally, climate change remains the preserve of a committed but narrow band of activists. Public engagement is stuck in second gear. By spanning the full width of the space between primary academic research and campaign strategies, this book will be relevant for academics, educators, campaigners, communicators and practitioners.

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Palgrave Journals Celebrate Earth Day

We are pleased to bring a selection of Palgrave journals together for Earth Day.

The featured articles below will be free to access until Wednesday 14th June


Don't forget, the latest volume of Development – Rural Transformations – is available now

European Journal of Development Research

Urban Design international

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From Palgrave Communications

The global greening of religion

Jonathan Chaplin

It is increasingly acknowledged that our escalating global environmental challenges cannot be adequately responded to by governmental bodies without a substantial upsurge of popular support for the far-reaching policy shifts widely seen as necessary. The search is thus on for the societal, cultural and moral energies that might inspire the large-scale consciousness-raising and mobilization required for such an upsurge. More recently, there has also been a growing recognition that, in a world where four-fifths of the population adheres to some form of spiritual tradition, religion may be one of those necessary sources. This article begins by identifying the remarkable upsurge of religiously inspired ecological concern over the last 30 years, noting that it has come to expression with special force in robust declarations on, and attempts to mobilize believers over, the issue of climate change. It then summarizes this phenomenon in terms of seven core commitments and concludes by reflecting briefly on its potential future influence.

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