LGBT History Month 2017

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LGBT History Month


Since the last LGBT History Month in February 2016, a number of strides towards gender and sexual equality have been made, giving significant cause for celebration, however the LGBT+ community still faces significant discrimination, inequalities and threats which must be overcome. LGBT History Month celebrates a multitude of accomplishments by the community, whilst keeping goals to challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia at the fore in a national conversation.

In light of this, we invite you to browse our selected range of interdisciplinary titles relevant to LGBT History, and to share your opinions with us via social media, using the hashtag #LGBTHistoryMonth.

Related Series

  • Genders and Sexualities in History

    Edited by:

    John H Arnold, Sean Brady, and Joanna Bourke (all at Birkbeck, University of London, UK)

    This series accommodates and fosters new approaches to historical research in the fields of genders and sexualities, promoting world-class scholarship, which concentrates upon the interconnected themes of genders, sexualities, religions/religiosity, civil society, politics and war. Historical studies of gender and sexuality have, until recently, been more or less disconnected fields. In recent years, historical analyses of genders and sexualities have synthesised, creating new departures in historiography. The additional connectedness of genders and sexualities with questions of religion, religiosity, development of civil societies, politics and the contexts of war and conflict is reflective of the movements in scholarship away from narrow history of science and scientific thought, and history of legal processes approaches, that have dominated these paradigms until recently.

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  • Queer Studies and Education

    Edited by:

    William Pinar (The University of British Columbia, Canada), Nelson Rodriguez (The College of New Jersey, USA), and Reta Ugena Whitlock (Kennesaw State University, USA)

    LGBTQ social, cultural, and political issues have become a defining feature of twenty-first century life, transforming on a global scale any number of institutions, including the institution of education. Situated within the context of these major transformations, this series is home to the most compelling, innovative, and timely scholarship emerging at the intersection of queer studies and education. Across a broad range of educational topics and locations, books in this series incorporate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex categories, as well as scholarship in queer theory arising out of the postmodern turn in sexuality studies.

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