US Politics and Elections

Courts, Congress, and the 2020 Election

As Americans made their voices heard in the November 2020 election, the Springer Nature team explores research from across Palgrave and Springer on major issues of importance to our country.

Between a pandemic and a historic racial justice movement, there is no doubt that 2020 has marked a rupture in the business-as-usual of US politics. Topics like universal vote-by-mail and criminal justice reform have become ubiquitous in mainstream political discourse. Rarely have we seen such an intensity of dialogue between the study of politics and the practice of it. In this collection, our authors and series editors reflect on US Politics and political institutions from a diverse range of scholarly perspectives to spark further discussion about the past, present and future of American politics.

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The Importance of Publishing US Politics

Featuring interdisciplinary and rigorous research from leading scholars and practitioners in the field, Palgrave Politics & International Studies offers unique and timely insight into a fast changing and increasingly globalizing world. In this video, Palgrave Editor Michelle Chen gives a quick overview of Palgrave’s US Politics program, and our committed to the importance of academically rigorous peer-reviewed books.

*Michelle Chen is no longer with us, but you can still contact our Politics editors

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