The Editor of KMRP has made a selection of recent articles which will serve as useful teaching cases. With context becoming a key part of future KM research, these wide-ranging case studies examine the real world – from a large multi-national company to a small IT consulting firm. They come from 10 different countries on 3 continents. They reflect both innovative approaches to KM and its diverse reach.

Featured Articles

Embedding with multiple knowledge sources to improve innovation performance: the learning experience of Motorola in Brazil
Paulo N Figueiredo

Managing large amounts of knowledge objects: cognitive and organisational problems
Antonella Padova and Enrico Scarso

Beyond cross-functional teams: knowledge integration during organizational projects and the role of social capital
Caroline Sargis Roussel and François Deltour

Knowledge codification in audit and consulting firms: a conceptual and empirical approach
Corinne Janicot and Sophie Mignon

Formulating integrated knowledge city development strategies: the KnowCis 2.0 methodology
Kostas Ergazakis and Kostas Metaxiotis

Applying the KnowCis methodology to a Greek municipality: a case study
Kostas Ergazakis, Kostas Metaxiotis, John Psarras and Kostas Grammatikos

Patterns of gaining and sharing of knowledge about customers: a study of an Express Parcel Delivery Company
Nisar Aziz and John Sparrow

A study of knowledge management enablers across countries
Rémy Magnier-Watanabe, Caroline Benton and Dai Senoo

Knowledge transfer in post-merger integration management: case study of a multinational healthcare company in Greece
Wilfrid Azan and Isabelle Huber Sutter

Knowledge management technology-in-practice: a social constructionist analysis of the introduction and use of knowledge management systems
Will Venters

The effect of intellectual capital attributes on organizational performance. The case of the Bologna Opera House
Mariolina Longo, Marcello M Mariani and Matteo Mura

Tapping tacit local knowledge in emerging markets – the Toyota way
Kazuo Ichijo and Florian Kohlbacher

Challenges to knowledge sharing across national and intra-organizational boundaries: case studies of IKEA and SCA Packaging
Anna Jonsson and Thomas Kalling

Successful knowledge management requires a knowledge culture: a case study
Wing Lam

Knowledge management in a decentralized global financial services provider: a case study with Allianz Group
Marcus Spies, Andrew J Clayton and Masoud Noormohammadian