Figures/images may be in TIFF, GIF, JPG, PDF, Postscript, or EPS format; they must be provided in a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and should take account of the page size of the journal. Tables and graphs should be in Word or Excel format. Figures and tables should each be numbered consecutively and figure captions and table headings should be provided.

The journal is printed in black-and-white. Therefore, we prefer that authors supply figures in greyscale. Figures supplied in colour will be converted to greyscale for print unless the author confirms they will cover the cost of printing in colour (costs are available from the production/editorial office).

Figures may be published in colour in the HTML (web) version free of charge. However, the PDF/print version will still be black-and-white, so authors should ensure that colour is not critical to the understanding of any figures, and should not describe elements of the figure in terms of their colours. Line graphs with several data series can usually be represented adequately in black-and-white by using different line styles and/or different shaped nodes.