Global Brand Strategy

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Jan-Benedict Steenkamp
1 February 2017
£22.99 | $29.99 | Hardcover | 978-1-349-94993-9

We live in a branded world, with the average person soaking up more than 5,000 different brand exposures each day. So what sets strong global brands apart? In a world that is globalizing, what is the secret to building a powerful global brand that resonates universally but also accommodates local nuances? How do you ensure that it is dynamic and flexible enough to change at market speed?

World-class marketing expert Jan-Benedict Steenkamp, a professor at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, has studied global brands on six continents for more than 25 years. In Global Brand Strategy he draws on his extensive field research and consulting experience, interviews with senior executives, and the work of his academic peers to dive deep into brand strategies in a global economy. He not only shows why strong brands are invaluable to successful global companies, but outlines specific techniques for developing strategy, organizing execution, and measuring results so brands will prosper globally.

With case studies from around the world, Steenkamp’s book is provocative and timely. He shows how more than a few firms stumble in taking their brands global while others misjudge market developments or cut corners with scandalous results. Chrysler’s efforts to go global have failed, Walmart flopped in Germany and South Korea, Sony rose and faded in global consumer electronics, BlackBerry misread the consumer market, and Volkswagen’s emission testing fraud has damaged the brand.

Global Brand Strategy lays out actionable strategies for executives to launch and fly strong global brands, no matter the headwinds. Steenkamp speaks to three types of managers: those who want to strengthen already strong global brands, those who want to launch their brands globally and get results, and those who need to revive their global brand and stop the bleeding.

The book contains examples, visuals, and tools for executives and organizations to use in analyzing their situation and discussing their aspirations with fellow executives, board members, and direct reports. The practical tools in this book will enable heads of business units and managers to navigate effectively and profitably in today’s global market landscape.

‘This is one of those rare marketing books that is able to be both deep and simple at the same time. Steenkamp not only brings an academic’s depth and breadth to a multi-faceted and highly complex topic, but also turns it into simple, easy-to-grasp and more importantly, easy-to-use frameworks that will help anyone improve their results. I wish I had had a similar “bible” when I began my journey running global marketing and global brands more than two decades ago.’
—Rob Malcolm, Former President Global Marketing, Sales, and Innovation of Diageo, Director of The Hershey Company, and Chairman of the American Marketing Association

Global Brand Strategy is a must-read for all aspiring to understand how to thrive in global markets. It is absolutely chock-full of insight and practical advice on how to build a great multinational company, what to expect from customers and stakeholders around the world, and how to think about, build, and grow global brand equity!’
—Mark Durcan, CEO, Micron Technology

Drawing on his 25 years of international experience, Professor Steenkamp’s Global Brand Strategy provides extraordinary insight and useful, practical guidance on how to build and maintain strong global brands. This work is particularly helpful for attorneys dedicated to protecting the intellectual property of clients around the world, as it details how and why trademarks, geographical indications, and other forms of intellectual property create value for global companies and their consumers, including through the use of insightful examples of corporate successes and failures.’
Partner at a top international law firm (name withheld due to company policy)

‘Professor Steenkamp injects plenty of his brand insights in this book. The COMET framework is an interesting and practical tool to understand the value creation of global brands. I also enjoyed reading the collection of so many fascinating brand stories in the book.’
—Peter Zhang, member of the Board of Directors, Volvo

‘Finally a book on branding that speaks to the C-Suite. Steenkamp shows convincingly how to build strong global brands that the CFO and shareholders will love too.’
—David Mussafer, Managing Partner, Advent International Global Private Equity

‘Steenkamp presents useful insights and a thoughtful framework that outlines the ways that global brands can create value. Global Brand Strategy should prove to be a very useful read for any executive aspiring to build a great and lasting global brand.’
Richard Allison, President of Domino’s Pizza International  




About the Author
Jan-Benedict Steenkamp is the C. Knox Massey Distinguished Professor and Chairman of Marketing at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, Executive Director of AiMark, and Fellow at iSIG, Fudan University (Shanghai). Steenkamp has received an honorary doctorate and an array of lifetime achievement honors, including from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and the American Marketing Association. He is rated the most influential marketing scholar in the last decade. He is a valued branding and strategy consultant and his work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, The New York Times, and numerous other outlets.

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