Palgrave Socio-Legal Studies

Cowan, D. (Ed)

The Palgrave Socio-Legal Studies series is a developing series of monographs and textbooks featuring cutting edge work which, in the best tradition of socio-legal studies, reach out to a wide international audience. Editorial Board  Dame Hazel Genn, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, University College London, UK  Fiona Haines, Associate Professor, School of Social and Political Science, University of Melbourne, Australia  Herbert Kritzer, Professor of Law and Public Policy, University of Minnesota, USA  Linda Mulcahy, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford, UK  Carl Stychin, Dean and Professor, The City Law School, City University London, UK  Mariana Valverde, Professor of Criminology, University of Toronto, Canada  Sally Wheeler, Dean of Australian National University College of Law, Australia

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Titles in this series