History of British Women's Writing

Batchelor, J. (Ed), Kaplan, C. (Ed)

The History of British Women's Writing is a ten volume series which charts the development of women's contribution to the world of letters within Great Britain from medieval times to the present. Providing a clear and integrated picture of a various and influential field of research, the series aims to reflect ongoing critical debates and to point towards the future of the field. It registers the transformations which the intervention of this vital, ever-changing body of work has wrought on literary studies as a whole. Not only have more women writers become part of the larger literary canon, but gender-in language, authors, texts, audience and in the history of print culture itself- has become a central question for literary criticism and literary history. Editorial Board Members: Isobel Grundy Isobel Armstrong Margaret Ferguson Felicity A Nussbaum Carolyn Dinshaw Rachel Bowlby

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