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Propelling the debate on luxury

Human fascination with luxury is not new. Researchers have examined the concept and associations with luxury in a number of fields including management, economics, psychology, social psychology and sociology literature. The treatment and examination of luxury has also been diverse in that regard including subject matters such as conspicuousness, status and identity, group acceptance and rejection, social equality and materialism. Increasingly, scholars from history, art and architecture engage with luxury employing a rich array of viewpoints. In recent times, a host of novel and topical issues on luxury such as sustainability, counterfeiting, emulation and consumption trends have gained prominence.

While new consumption groups including the nouveau riche and growing upper middle-class engage in luxury consumption, newer debates relating to luxury consumption are emerging, including the ‘loud’ and ‘silent’ signals used in expressing luxury, the socially divisive nature of luxury, and the socio-economic and socio-psychological segmentation of luxury. On the other hand, several critical questions are being raised in the domain, including sustainability and luxury consumption, the rise of counterfeiting and its acceptance among different market segments, as well as the controversial questions such as is luxury exploitative and is it leading people towards illicit practices?

With increasing global travel among luxury consumers, homogeneity and synchronicity of consumption is emerging, but at the same time the search for the exotic, the unique and the elusive remains buoyant as ever. In addition, from a goods-driven luxury engagement, the emerging trend is that of an interaction of goods, services and experiences. Thus, the old theories and ideas need a re-examination and at the same time, new ideas require scrutiny.

Palgrave Advances in Luxury will investigate the aforementioned complex conceptual and contextual issues and challenges associated with luxury and uncover insights as well as ignite further discussion. Its purpose is to offer an integrated picture of the intricate and complex management environment that needs to be understood, and to share the lessons learnt from successful as well as unsuccessful attempts on tackling this challenge. While much has been written about luxury from multiple vantage points, a coordinated approach has been missing, especially one that brings together interdisciplinary approaches of examining luxury. This book series will fill a significant gap in our knowledge of this intriguing and complex construct.

We invite academics and practitioners who wish to contribute to the field of luxury and related domains to contribute to this fascinating series and propel the debate further. We are looking for authors who are tackling the issues mentioned above and beyond. Please direct your enquiries to:

Professor Paurav Shukla – Professor of Marketing, University of Essex:

Professor Jaywant Singh – Professor of Marketing, Kingston University:

Liz Barlow – Head of Business, Publisher Scholarly Business at Palgrave Macmillan:

Books in the Series

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New Luxury Management

Presenting a vision of the luxury sector and its management, this edited book describes “the new luxury” through a comprehensive view of the value chain, from concept to market. 

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Sustainable Luxury Brands

This book counteracts the claim that luxury and sustainability are conflicting concepts, and contends that they can successfully co-exist. 

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