Journal Impact Report 2018

Which articles were you most interested in?

The majority of our journals have seen an increase in downloads over the past year. To celebrate, we've rounded up a selection of our most highly downloaded articles below. To find out more about an individual journal, please visit the relevant journal page.

Top Downloaded Articles of 2018



postmedievalRace and medieval studies: a partial bibliography
European Political Science

what is the point? teaching graduate students how to construct political science research puzzles

Feminist Review

gender, violence and the neoliberal state in India

Journal of International Business Studies

An overview of Hofstede-inspired country-level culture research in international business since 2006

Social Theory & Health

Different uses of Bronfenbrenner s ecological theory in public mental health research: what is their value for guiding public mental health policy and practice?

British Politics

The UK government s imaginative use of evidence to make policy

Security Journal

The effectiveness of burglary security devices

Risk Management

Designing stress scenarios for portfolios

Journal of Public Health Policy

ToxicDocs ( from history buried in stacks of paper to open, searchable archives online

Journal of Brand Management

Luxury brand-building and development: new global challenges, new business models

The European Journal of Development Research

Frugal Innovation and Development Research

IMF Economic Review

Macroeconomics After the Great Recession


Starving to death in medical care: Ethics, food, emotions and dying in Britain and America, 1970s–1990s

Higher Education Policy

The Role of Higher Education in the Socio-Economic Development of Peripheral Regions

Contemporary Political Theory

Living a feminist life

International Politics

Elites and American power in an era of anti-elitism

The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice

Cyber Risk and Cyber Risk Insurance: Status Quo and Future Research

Asian Business & Management

Business ecosystem research agenda: more dynamic, more embedded, and more internationalized

URBAN DESIGN International

Introduction: the future of public space

Maritime Economics & Logistics

Globalization, public sector reform, and the role of ports in international supply chains

Acta Politica

Relative deprivation and inequalities in social and political activism

The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review

Special issue in honor of Harris Schlesinger: New developments in the study of risk preferences

Journal of International Relations and Development

Introduction: Political Theologies of the International the continued relevance of theology in international relations

Comparative European Politics

The political economy of social assistance and minimum income benefits: a comparative analysis across 26 OECD countries