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What does it mean to perform? What are the relationships between the moving body and our understandings of self, identity, and consciousness? How does philosophy inform and complicate notions of dramaturgy, performativity, and spectatorship? And what is the future of performance in an increasingly connected world?

Palgrave Macmillan has brought together a range of work that seeks to unpack the complexities of the relationships between theatre, performance, philosophy and psychology. We invite you to explore our range of content, including editor favourites and an exclusive blog from Performance Philosophy series editor Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca.

Performance Philosophy Series

Performance Philosophy is an interdisciplinary and international field of thought, creative practice and scholarship. The Performance Philosophy book series comprises monographs and essay collections addressing the relationship between performance and philosophy within a broad range of philosophical traditions and performance practices, including drama, theatre, performance arts, dance, art and music. It also includes studies of the performative aspects of life and, indeed, philosophy itself. As such, the series addresses the philosophy of performance as well as performance-as-philosophy and philosophy-as-performance.

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