Manuscript Style

Typeset, double or 1 1/2 space.

Use an informative title for the paper and include an abstract of no more than 100 words at the head of the manuscript. The abstract should be a carefully worded description of the problem addressed, the key ideas introduced, and the results. Abstracts will be printed with the article.

Provide a separate double-spaced page listing all footnotes, beginning with "affiliation of author" and continuing with numbered footnotes.

Acknowledgment of financial support may be given if appropriate.

References should follow the author-date format (Brown, 1994). The reference listing should appear separately in alphabetical order at the end of the paper. References should be complete, in the following style:

Style for papers:

Author(s)' last name followed by initials for each author, paper title, publication name, volume, inclusive page numbers, month and year.

Style for books:

Author(s), title, publisher, location, year, chapter or page numbers (if desired). Examples as follows:


Marr, D., Vision, a Computational Investigation into the Human Representation & Processing of Visual Information, Freeman: San Francisco, CA, 1982.

Journal article

Rosenfeld, A. and Thurston, C., "Edge and curve detection for visual scene analysis," IEEE Trans. Comput. vol. C-20, pp. 562-569, 1971.

Online article

Chiu, W.H., “Skewness preference, risk taking and expected utility maximisation,” The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review advance online publication 23 March 2010, doi: 10.1057/grir.2009.9.

Conference proceedings

Witkin, A. "Scales Space Filtering," in Proc. Int. Joint Conf. Artif. Intell.}, Karlsruhe, West Germany, 1983, pp. 1019-1021.

Lab. memo

Yuille, A.L. and Poggio, T., "Scaling Theorems for Zero Crossings," M.I.T. Artif. Intell. Lab., Massachusetts Inst. Technol., Cambridge, MA, A.I. Memo, 722, 1983.

Type mathematical expressions exactly as they should appear in print. Use appropriate typeface. Journal style for letter symbols is as follows: variables, italic type; constants, roman text type; matrices and vectors, boldface type. It will be assumed that letters in displayed equations are to be set in italic type unless you mark them otherwise. All letter symbols in text discussion must be marked if they should be italic or boldface. Indicate best breaks for equations in case they will not fit on one line. Numbers for displayed equations should appear in parentheses flush with the right margin.