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What's Wrong With the Federal Reserve: What Would Restore Independence?
Allan H Meltzer

Federal Reserve Independence in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis: Should We Be Worried?
Donald Kohn

Tough Love: The True Nature of the Eurozone Crisis
Holger Schmieding

Choices for Federal Spending and Taxes

Douglas Elmendorf

What Small Countries Can Teach the World
Jeffrey Frankel

Disentangling Beta and Value Premium Using Macroeconomic Risk Factors
William Espe and Pradosh Simlai

What Can the Developed World Learn from the Latin American Debt and Mexican Peso Crisis?

Guillermo Ortiz

"Real-Feel" Inflation: Quantitative Estimation of Inflation Perceptions
Michael J Ashton

A Dialog with George Soros
George Soros and Anatole Kaletsky