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Obesity as collateral damage: A call for papers on the Obesity Epidemic (Editorial)
Anthony Robbins and Marion Nestle

Advanced policy options to regulate sugar-sweetened beverages to support public health
Jennifer L Pomeranz

Electronic cigarettes as a harm reduction strategy for tobacco control: A step forward or a repeat of past mistakes?
Zachary Cahn and Michael Siegel

Occupational lung disease in the South African mining industry: Research and policy implementation
Jill Murray, Tony Davies and David Rees

Mortality amenable to health care in the United States: The roles of demographics and health systems performance
Stephen C Schoenbaum, Cathy Schoen, Jennifer L Nicholson and Joel C Cantord

Leveraging globalization to solve public health problems
Anthony Robbins and Sergut Wolde-Yohannes

Early initiation of antiretroviral therapy and universal HIV testing in sub-Saharan Africa: Has WHO offered a milestone for HIV prevention?
Sonia Menon

Commentary: Early antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa, a challenging new step
Christian Laurent

Rights-based approaches' to health policies and programs: Articulations, ambiguities, and assessment
Sofia Gruskin, Dina Bogecho and Laura Ferguson

Commentary: 'Rights-based approaches' to health policies and programmes: Why are they important to use?
Amarjit Singh

How to find nothing
David Hemenway

Cholera, canals, and contagion: Rediscovering
Dr Beck's report Ashleigh R Tuite, Christina H Chan, and David N Fisman

Book Review: Is the era of electronuclear power drawing to a close?
Meredeth Turshen

Education determines a nation's health, but what determines educational outcomes? A cross-national comparative analysis
Arjumand Siddiqi, Ichiro Kawachi, Lisa Berkman, Clyde Hertzman, and S V Subramanian