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Commentary: Understanding the origins of anger, contempt, and disgust in public health policy disputes: Applying moral psychology to harm reduction debates
Jess Alderman, Katherine M Dollar, Lynn T Kozlowski

Beyond idealism and realism: Canadian NGO/government relations during the negotiation of the FCTC
Raphael Lencucha, Ronald Labonté, Michael J Rouse

Smoking habits in Italian pregnant women: Any changes after the ban?
Lorena Charrier, Paola Serafini, Livia Giordano, Carla Maria Zotti

The tobacco excise system in Indonesia: Hindering effective tobacco control for health
Sarah Barber, Abdillah Ahsan

Tobacco Farmers and Tobacco Manufacturers: Implications for Tobacco Control in Tobacco-Growing Developing Countries
Alison Snow Jones, W David Austin, Robert H Beach, David G Altman

Population Health and the Hardcore Smoker: Geoffrey Rose Revisited
Michael O Chaiton, Joanna E Cohen, John Frank

Applying an Equity Lens to Tobacco-Control Policies and Their Uptake in Six Western-European Countries
K Giskes, A E Kunst, C Ariza, J Benach, C Borrell, U Helmert, K Judge, E Lahelma, K Moussa, P O Ostergren, et al.

Second-hand Smoke in Restaurants after Enforcement of a Health Promotion Law in Japan
Ryota Sakamoto, Toshitaka Nakahara, Kazunari Satomura, Suketaka Iwanaga, Megumi Noami, Asuka komatsu, Yuko Irie, Akihiko Kinugasa

Fighting a Tobacco-Tax Rollback: A Political Analysis of the 1994 Cigarette Contraband Crisis in Canada
Eric Breton, Lucie Richard, France Gagnon, Marie Jacques, Pierre Bergeron

The Global Fight for Smoke-Free Public Places
Derek Yach, Norbert Hirschhorn

Controlling Cigarette Smoking in the Workplace in Taiwan: Opportunities and Challenges
Chi P Wen, Susan C Hu, Sheu-Jen Huang, Shan P Tsai, Ting-Yuan Cheng

Internet Sales of Tobacco: Heading Off the New E-pidemic
John H Knowles, Kay L Wanke, Ichiro Kawachi

Electronic cigarettes as a harm reduction strategy for tobacco control: A step forward or a repeat of past mistakes?
Zachary Cahn and Michael Siegel