The Social Theory & Health editorial team are pleased to introduce a new feature of the journal: Virtual issues! Online only, covering hot topics in the field, we hope that you will enjoy this extra resource to hone in on specialised and specific areas within social theory and health.

Virtual issue on Obesity

Obesity has come to be seen as a major health threat in contemporary societies. There is considerable controversy however concerning its measurement and its medicalisation and politicisation. Social Theory & Health has published a number of significant contributions to these debates.

In this inaugural virtual special issue of the journal guest editor Lee Monaghan both provides a cutting edge introduction to the debates and includes his personal selection of some of our most salient papers since 2003. The result is a major resource for theorists, researchers and clinical and public health practitioners interested in obesity studies.

Professor Graham Scambler
STH Editor

Debating, theorising and researching ‘obesity’ in challenging times
Lee F Monaghan

Discussion Piece: A Critical Take on the Obesity Debate
Lee F Monaghan

Is A Weight-Centred Health Framework Salutogenic? Some Thoughts on Unhinging Certain Dietary Ideologies
Lucy Aphramor

‘Fat Ethics’ - The Obesity Discourse and Body Politics
Emma Rich and John Evans

Foucault's progeny: Jamie Oliver and the art of governing obesity
Megan Warin

Jeanne Robitaille and Shannon L Jette: Lifestyle as a choice of necessity: Young women, health and obesity
Alex Dumas

The politics of evidence on ‘domestic terrorists’: Obesity discourses and their effects
Geneviève Rail, Dave Holmes and Stuart J Murray

Between bodies and collectivities: Articulating the action of emotion in obesity epidemic discourse
Suzanne Fraser, JaneMaree Maher and Jan Wright

The Barker hypothesis and obesity: Connections for transdisciplinarity and social justice
Rebecca Scott Yoshizawa