The cooperation between researchers and practitioners during the different stages of the research process can be of benefit to both society and research supporting processes of ‘transformation’. The shape this cooperation takes is explored through this special section, which takes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring knowledge production.

Research–Practice–Collaborations in International Sustainable Development and Knowledge Production: Reflections from a Political-Economic Perspective
Katja Bender

Moving from Collaboration to Co-production in International Research
Cai Heath & Maru Mormina

Collaboration in a ‘North–South’ Context: The Role of Power Relations and the Various Context-Based Conditions
Petra Dannecker

Research–Practice–Collaborations in Engineering
Stefanie Meilinger

Co-production and Voice in Policymaking: Participatory Processes in the European Periphery
Pedro Goulart & Roberto Falanga

Research-Practice-Collaborations Addressing One Health and Urban Transformation. A Case Study
Ana Maria Perez Arredondo